When in Rome…

Lately it has been a rough go at it for our pal Wyatt here, he has gotten laid off from his job, his girlfriend moved away, and his rent for his apartment just went up. He seemed lost, he’s had a hard time finding another job and he can’t quite hook up with the right ladies at the bar.

Amidst his struggles, Wyatt could only think of one thing that could temporarily get him out of this rut. The company SuitsUSuits had just become a reality. This company had created state of the art body suits that could change anybody to any extent with no exceptions. Of course people have managed to get stuck in their suits, but that wasn’t stopping anyone from buying them. The only way to get stuck in a body suit is to have sex with another person in a SuitsUSuits suit. Despite all of this, Wyatt took his entire savings account and spent it all on this $800 bodysuit.

Wyatt felt a brand new sense of joy come about him when he got his package, a feeling of happiness that the hadn’t felt in what seems like forever. He opened the box and saw three things. An instruction manual, some styrofoam, an inside the styrofoam was his brand new body suit. He quickly discarded the manual and proceeded to find the zipper of the suit. The zipper was placed along side the left side of the body, it wrapped around the left leg, outlined the vagina, and continued up towards the right nipple. Doing this made taking the suit on and off much faster and harder for people to find.

He immediately felt shorter as his legs bonded with the life-like skin. This skin was soft and perfect, something he had never touched before. The continued to put on the body suit and marvel at the process of taking on a new outwards appearance. The next big shock was the vagina and the breasts. Both now bonded with his neurons in ways that his penis and flat chest had never before. Before he knew it, Wyatt was now a complete female to anyone who saw him.

In his new body he decided to take on the town and try to find a guy to go home with. Wyatt wasn’t necessarily gay, but he figured he has the body so as they say, “when in Rome…” He went down to the local pub and started off scouting out potential ‘targets’. He figured any guy was safe, what are the chances of accidentally meeting another person with a SuitsUSuits suit on? Before no time, Wyatt was receiving free drinks from every corner of the bar. However, he had no idea that the bodysuit had a far lower tolerance than he had, and he quickly become fall-down drunk.


The next thing Wyatt remembers is waking up in a room that he’s never seen before. he is in a large king bed with a note on the nightstand next to him. It read, “I had no idea you also had a suit on. I’m sorry to leave you but I need to explain to my family that they have a new son. Help yourself to anything in the fridge. ~ Sam(antha)”

“Oh my god” Wyatt was at a loss for words. “I can’t believe this is actually happening to me. What am I going to do?” He (she?) started to panic a bit, but then Wyatt thought of something. As his hands ran up and down where the place the zipper was originally and he saw beautiful long, blonde hair drape in front of his eyes, he couldn’t help but think that this was only the beginning to his wonderful new life as Wendy.


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