Room Service

Dave was on a business trip. He decided to leave a day early so he could have a night to himself at a bar and get wasted. He wanted to forget the Mrs and his three kids for a night and just be himself. So, the night he arrived downtown he found the closest bar to the hotel, and got wasted.

While wasted, Dave kept drinking and drinking, but had decided to return to his hotel room. After he stumbled his way to his door, trying multiple times to open his door, and falling through it, Dave fell onto the couch. But he then realized he was hungry, and horny, but also very, very hungry. So he ordered room service,

“Hi, my name is Dave in room 3-081, can you send me up a bowl of chowder and a hot fudge sundae? Also, send me up the hottest babe you got, I am horny and ready to play!’ He hing up the food and laid back in bed.

Dave fell asleep before the room service arrived, the kind lady who brought the food up at 12:30am was pissed. She was pissed but not defeated however, this lady was a witch in training that was currently learning transformations. She remembered his little request, so she decided to leave a little transformation potion in his chowder.

*Dave wakes up at 2:30* “Holy crap is that shitty food here yet?” He says that as he opens the door.

“Oh, perfect. Where’d the person go? I guess they’ll add it to the room cost. I am still hungry though, so I’ll eat this.” He gobbles up the chowder and passes out again.

*The next morning*

“Ow this is the worst hang over that I’ve had in years..” His voice trailed off as the sentence went on. The sentence was said by a female, but Dave had thought he said it. He feared the worst. He got up to run to the bathroom mirror, but his newly distributed weight sent him into the desk chair. He looked down to see two B cup breasts, long flowy hair, heels on his feet, and felt for his bulge, but was met by a flat slit.

“Dear god! What the hell was in that room service!”


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