Just one slice

Jacob and Aiden friendship had endured many years. They were as close as soap and sponge. However, Aiden would ditch his friend in an instant for a beautiful woman. Aiden loved women however none loved him. Jacob was his closest friend. So Aiden decided to make Jacob his woman. He went to the TG Restaurant and bought a curvy cake then he took it to Jacob.
Jacob didn’t want the cake. He claimed he wasn’t hungry. However, Aiden begged and pleaded until he tried a piece. Little did Jacob know that that single piece of cake would change his life.
Jacob ate the slice and complimented Aiden for his taste in cakes. Jacob was curious as to why Aiden didn’t have a piece. But then the question was answered. Jacob began transforming into a woman. He shrunk and grew curves and striking red hair. Soon his third leg had diminished and he, or she, was a fully pledged woman.
Jacob was furious with his, her, friend. She couldn’t believe that he could do this to her. Aiden tried to convince Jacob that she should embrace the change but it wasn’t going to happen, or at least that is what Jacob thought.

Months passed and Jacob began to accept her fate. She was a woman and always will be. Sadly, Aiden and Jacob are no longer friends but Jacob dosen’t see that as a lost. Jaocb has chosen her new name to be Crystal but it takes a lot to adjust to a new name.


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