business as usual

my name was Steaven, I used to be a lawyer, a really bad lawyer,
I never won any cases. that’s how I got into this steamy situation.
you see, the brother of a client of mine asked me to his house, saying he had some new evidence that could get his brother out of prison.
so I left my house in suit and tie and headed toward his home.

he let me inside and showed me to his living room. I sat down and saw a book on his table, it looked ancient and dusty. I was startled when he sat down as my attention was focused on the book. “so what’s this evidence” I asked he picked the book up then said absentmindedly “oh I don’t have any evidence I just needed you here to punish you” “wait, wh–”
he must have found what he was looking for, cause he stopped on a page and muttered something under his breath, I felt a chill pass through me, like a wave of energy.
“you failed my brother… and now your going to pay”

everything felt like it was moving around my body.
my scalp was tingling, and soon enough I felt strands of hair brush against my shoulders, then I saw black hair dangling in front of my eyes. I could feel my face reshaping, gaining the features of an entirely different sex.
I couldn’t talk though this changing but I could grunt and moan which were starting to sound more and more feminine.
I don’t know how any of this was possibly but now my clothes started to dissipate. leaving a body with only a tie around my neck.
my entire body shank, from 6.4 to 5.4.
my legs lost mass becoming slender and sexy. my hips following closely behind cracked outwards, and my waist sucked in. giving me a very curvy and sexy body.
my crotch and nipples were extremely sensitive. my penis felt as if it was being pulled back inside my body, and my nipples felt the opposite, they were being pushed out into breasts… before I knew it I was a sitting naked woman, who was scarily staring at the bulge that slowly formed through the transformation.
I could feel the newly formed pussy warm up between my legs before I knew it we were in his bed with me on top riding his cock as he held my hands behind my back, which made my cunt wet and hot. after my first climax I couldn’t remember my old name, three more orgasms and I couldn’t remember anything about my old life.
one more and I remembered! I came here to show my boyfriend a good time… its business as usual


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