A Winning Bet: Part 2

What started out as a simple bet between two friends has escalated into a major situation. Beth and Harry made a bet to see who had it harder, the beautiful, curvy blonde, or the regular looking guy. It was fun for Harry at first, teasing all the guys, dressing his new hot body in very skimpy clothes, and enjoying many rounds with Beth’s toys. But as the month long bet went on, things started taking a turn for Harry. Dealing with a period was bad enough, but all of that teasing she was doing to the guys around Beth’s apartment had garnished him, well her, a lot of attention. Every time she would walk out the door, she was swarmed with guy after guy, trying to get into her panties. Harry called Beth and pleaded for her to switch back, claiming over and over how hard her life was.

“Aww, what’s the matter BETH?” Beth in Harry’s body responds, “Didn’t you say that my life was so easy? That, and I quote, ‘just have to shake my tits and I get anything I want?’”

“I…I…I didn’t realize how hard your life really was. I mean, the guys just won’t leave me alone!” Harry says.

“Well, I hope you’re used to it, because I’ve decided that I enjoy your life much more than mine,” Beth responds.

“Wait,” Harry shockingly says, “what do you mean?”

“I’m keeping your body BETH, so you get to be the pretty girl that ‘shakes her tits’ for everything she wants,” Beth, now Harry responds as he hangs up on the new Beth.

“This, this can’t be happening to me,” Harry now forever Beth says, “I can’t be in this body for the rest of my life!” She says as tears begin to roll down her cheeks.


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