The Lost Girl – 2

#LostGirl, Part 2

I woke up in soft sheets. I was no longer drowsy, and I had remembered everything that man had said to me. I remembered the feeling of waking up a woman. And unfortunately for me, as I brushed my hair from my face, I realized I had woken up as a woman again.

A college dorm room. This was definitely a college dorm room. For girls, no doubt. Or at least my room was. Pink sheets, cute backpack on the wall. Framed photos on the wall of what looked like someone’s parents (they weren’t mine). I needed to get to the bottom of this somehow and get my old life back.

Two knocks at the door, then it cautiously opened and a young girl stepped into the room. “Hello? Oh! Sorry, did I wake you?”

I must have been a sight. Shaking a little from the stress, wide-eyed, and with bed head, no less. “No, no, you’re fine… I’m just…”

“Well, I’m Stacy, your new roommate. What’s your name?”

A ringing in my ears suddenly. I was reminded of the command that man gave me to make me sleep before. I felt compelled to answer her. “My name is Angela Meyers.” I was shocked at my response. Surely I didn’t mean to say that!

“I meant to say that I’m… Angela Meyers.”

“Yes, you did say that. Nice to meet you? Mind if I drop off my stuff while you get ready? It’s almost 11 already, are you just sleeping in?” She was friendly, and cute. I guess I could get used to her. But my mind was still racing with the fact that I couldn’t say my actual name.

“Yeah, uh, just sleeping in.” I hadn’t a clue what I was supposed to be doing in a college dorm as a girl. Especially not this *specific* girl, given that I answered Stacy with such a precise name.

Flustered, I got out of bed and looked around the room while Stacy started unpacking. That man said he was watching me. How? I looked out the windows to see only a normal college campus with kids wandering about. I peered out into the hallway — girl’s dorm. Figures. I went through shelving to see if there was anything. A microphone. A camera. I stopped when I saw Stacy staring at me.

“Um, hey, are you… alright?” She asked, as politely as she could.

I looked around again, then leaned into her and whispered. “I am being watched, Stacy. I don’t know how, I don’t know why… but there’s this man and he…”

Stacy looked very confused and concerned. “Maybe you should relax, Angela. Let me finish unpacking, get some lunch, and then we can try to talk about this.”

That ringing again. A feeling of calm washed over me, and I felt that I should just take a few moments to collect myself. “You’re right, Stacy. I should relax.” I sat down on my bed, and took a few deep breaths.

Stacy stifled a giggle. “Um, you should probably get dressed, too. I’m not sure if you noticed, but you’re still naked…”


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