“Steven you have to check this out” Clark showed him his phone. Steven took it in his hands and glared at the picture his friend just recived. On the picture was Kelly Markinson smiling and showing her naked chest. “Wow! That’s so awsome” Steven exclaimed. “Sure it is. I’m glad Mike didn’t forget about us after he swapped bodies with Kelly and he keep sending nudes” Clark said. “Yeah, a real bro, even if he is now a chick” Steven said.

On the other side of the phone Mike giggled at the picture he just send. “I wonder if they like it” Mike said and streached his hot body in the bathtube. “Man i love this body. It’s so sexy and I can play with boobs whenever I want” Mike said grabbing Kelly’s breasts which were now his thanks to the accident at the campus.

When Mike woke up that fateful day he went with his morning routine until he hear a loud explosion somewhere in the campus. Before he could check out what happened he found himself in a diffirent room. His body felt weird, especially on the chest. Looking around in confusion Mike caught a glimpse of his reflection. As he walked closer to the mirror he found out that his body looked exactly like Kelly, the girl from his class.

As he found out later he was indeed in Kelly’s body. Due to some weird experiment by one of the professors that got out of control all the students around the campus had swapped bodies. The authorities tried to fix this mess but as it turned out soon, the swap was irreversible and all the students had to adjust to their new bodies. Mike was the only one from his friends who ended up with a diffirent gender. At first it was troublesome to get used to bras, panties and all sort of girly clothes. He had to put makeup on and take care of his long hair but with time Mike begin to discover the advantages of having a female body. He had boobs to play with all the time and masturbation was on a whole new level. Soon he begin to really enjoy it and unlike the other swapped students, Mike didn’t hide the fact that he loved being in his new body.


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