The Red Corset

Roger was at a costume shop looking for a costume for the Fancy dress party that night. His friends said they were going to go as pirates so he was looking through the old style clothes, and a red corset caught his eye. Staring at the frills and caressing the silk he embarrassed himself and looked round to make sure no one was looking at him and might think he is a pervert. He grabbed the other costumes he was going to try on and went to the changing room. When he got inside he found that a pirate hook was tangled in the laces of the corset. “Hope no one saw me dragging that in here” he muttered to himself. He resisted the urge to try it on as he probably would look very silly in drag and it was much too small for him. But just after taking off his clothes he found himself caressing the corset again and without thinking he put it round his body, the corset suddenly snapped shut closing all the metal hooks and eyes at the front, and the laces at the back started tightening squeezing his torso. He could not breath or scream terrified that this cursed object was going to kill him. But slowly he started to gasp some small breaths. He looked in the mirror, he seemed to be shrinking, his hand and arms had not been this small and skinny since he was 14 and all the body hair was falling out. Then he saw his beard fall out revealing a small delicate chin with plump little red lips, while his receding scalp hear grew thick and long then turn scarlet matching the bodice and twisted itself into a decorative style. Finally his manhood painfully shrunk and retracted into a slit. he gasped finally able to breath somewhat if only in short breaths. Roger looked down and saw some breasts squeezed in the corset as he touched them it felt so sensual, and clenched his legs against hi tingling crotch, smooth hairless shapely legs.

“That is the costume selected then.” Roger decided with a high pitched voice, “I don’t think it needs anything else, except maybe some stiletto heals to keep my pretty feet clean, and a miniskirt to avoid being arrested. This will finally be a party where I will be able to get laid. I think I will call myself Regina.” There seemed to be no price tag on this item, he wondered where it came from. He found a fitting pair of red stilettos and red satin miniskirt and slipped out of a back door in the store that seemed to be left ajar. He found that his wide hips would wiggle with every step, she got a few wolf whistles on the way to the party, which made her giggle.

When Regina got to the parties address she found that it was a big house and garden with lots secluded spots. She found that lots of men would start talking to her, it seemed so much easier making friends when you are pretty. Regina thought it would be fun to tease a man, she found that if she move around in a slinky seductive manner the conversation would not last long till the man started getting a bulge in his pants and soon start touching her up, which made Regina’s vagina all wet and tingly.
“lets find somewhere more private” she said, and things moved very quickly from there as she had no nickers to go under her mini skirt. He dropped his pants, pressed her up against a tree and slipped his penis into her dripping vagina, she let out a moan, her vagina was so sensitive and wrapped so tightly round his penis that it hurt and she squealed with pleasure at every thrust. Despite the size of the garden when she orgasmed she suspected everyone at the party heard her yell as her vagina squeezed his dick so tightly he yelped too. But when the Man went to the bathroom to clean up she still wanted more, she never would catch his name nor the names of the other men she would pleasure that night which was most of the men at the party, after a few men her vagina got a bit chafed so she decided to try giving blow jobs next and found she loved the taste of cum.

After many men, at midnight she found her best friends Terrance and Jim dressed as pirates sitting in the corner of the dining room talking about video games, as usual.
“Nice costumes” she said “Black Flag is my favorite Assassin’s Creed”
they looked at her stunned and intimidated by her beauty, not knowing what to do with a woman who was actually talking to them even if it was about their favorite subject.
“No wonder we never got laid.” she whispered, so she cut to the chase and said “I have always wanted to be double fucked by a pair of pirates.”
They just looked at her dumbstruck. So she took their hands and led them into a walk in wardrobe. Pulled down there pants and stood between them and lifted her skirt, at which point their stunned and confused faces finally seemed to get the idea. They grabbed her narrow corseted waist and lifted her up and thrust their willies into her vagina and arse at the same time. After a few squealing minutes this gave her a mind bending orgasm that left her quivering on the floor for another ten minutes till she fell asleep exhausted. Terrance and Jim carried her back to their apartment for later use.

So 9 months later she would have no idea who the father was. But she did not mind as she suspected that pregnancy was what made the spell permanent, and she loves her little red headed bastard baby. In fact she kept the corset on for two weeks strait fearing the transformation would reverse if she took it off, until she finally had a shower. She finds she earns much more money than she ever did before at her new job as a stripper. Regina never did return the corset to the store as wearing it seems to have healing properties, which is great for getting rid of all those pesky STDs, bondage scars, and keeping her well pounded vagina & arse nice and tight, It seemed it could even hide the baby bump without harming the baby at all, put it on and get a tiny waist take it of and her pregnant belly would spring back.

She used to blame the corsets magic for making her a nympho slut, but then she realized Roger always used to be a horny wanker, and a bit bi, wondering what its like for the women when jerking of to porn. With those testosterone addled brains, most men are sluts deep down she decided, It is just a lot easier seducing a man than gaming a woman. Plus this pussy gives the most wonderful orgasm’s and is always ready for more, who could say “no” to that? Her brain has not changed from when it was that horny wanker Roger at all really she concluded.

So after pity fucking Terrance for the hundredth time in her red corset which she was wearing because she had yet another mystery bun in the oven, she found him caressing her corseted body with a look on his face that could be envy rather than lust, so Regina told him “Stand in front of the mirror with your eyes closed, I have a surprise for you.”
“Is it a present?”
“No just something you can borrow.”
She curtly replied. As she placed the open corset against his back it immediately snapped round him and she watched the transformation begin.

Regina no longer pity fucks her old friends they all agree that seducing men with a sexy body is much easier and much more pleasurable. They only argue about whose turn it is to hide their baby bump with the magic red corset.


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