Sorority Fun

So I haven’t written any captions in a while and I figured I would write about a fantasy of mine.

(This is all true) I work at a sorority kitchen as a college student, at my job I do the dishes and help out the cooks. All of the girls in the sorority are so hot, I work at Pi Beta Phi, and I would kill to have the body of even the ugliest girl there. One day while working, I was moving some tables from the basement to the upstairs dining room and I saw that they were having a clothing drive. When no one was around, I dove into the clothing, seeing if there was anything that I could take for myself. I found a cute top but unfortunately, nothing in there would fit me. Fast forward a week and I see a pair of heels in the basement that look quite large, so I go and put my foot up to them to see if them would fit, and they seem about the right size. I get excited and move them into a spot where I could take them as I leave work that day.

(This is my fantasy) The next time I go into work, a couple of the hottest girls in the sorority come up to me after the chef leaves. They tell me they have something to show me and ask me to go upstairs with them. Thinking about sex, I agree right away. However, when we get upstairs, they tell me that they saw what I did on the security cameras, but that they aren’t angry and that they want to help me. They tell me about how their sorority is the hottest because they have a magic mirror that makes them into whatever female goddess they desire to be. I get excited at this point, but they tell me there is a catch. I would have to join the sorority. I tell them I will gladly accept and stand in front of the mirror. Next thing I know my brown hair is falling past my shoulders, and there is a pressure all over the rest of my body. I shrink, but am still taller than them, boobs start to develop out of my chest, my ass expands, and my penis is sucked inside of me. I start to feel my face tingling as my features shift around making me perfectly feminine, then the changes stop.

The girls, Anne and Sarah, give me a new female name, Carley. I have had loads of fun as my new self going out every weekend with Anne and Sarah and looking great. I’ve fully adjusted to my new life, and even went to the formal as the picture shows! (I’m on the right)

If you all liked this, let me know what you think and I can tell you more stories too 😉


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