Lost on the mountain

“Will you stop staring at my ass and help me look?” said Brandon with mild annoyance as he glanced over his shoulder at his friend Rick.

“I am sorry, but it’s hard to resist. I mean, you have to admit – it is a nice ass,” said Rick smugly.

“Shut up! This isn’t funny!” said Brandon angrily as he looked over his shoulder again and gave Rick a dirty look.

Rick had warned Brandon not to touch the panties they found abandoned on the mountain trail. But the truth was that Brandon was more interested in the strange medallion he saw on the ground beside the clothes. Brandon was just using the undergarments to clean it when he got the shock of his life. He dropped the medallion like a hot potato, rubbing his sore hand while Rick laughed loudly.

Brandon decided that he had enough of Rick and the mountain for today and they started going back down the mountain trail, leaving the medallion and clothes behind. As they continued their journey home, they thought nothing more about it.

Well, until the changes began, that is.

At first Brandon thought it was just his imagination. His clothes felt a little tighter, his hair seemed a little longer, and his skin seemed to be getting darker. He brushed all these changes off as just his mind playing tricks on him. But as they continued to walk, the changes become more apparent and undeniable.

His hair grew thicker, darker and stretched down his back. His body stretched taller, causing his shirt and jacket to ride up and reveal a flat tight stomach. Two breasts developed on his chest, small lumps at first that gradually swelled to an impressive size. His legs grew longer, thicker, and smoother. His waist narrowed and his hips grew wider, stretching his already straining shorts even more tightly across his ever expanding ass.

“I think something is wrong with me,” Brandon finally confessed, in a surprisingly high and feminine voice.

“I’ll say,” said Rick as he ogled Brandon’s sexy body.

It didn’t take long for them to figure out what had caused this unexpected change in Brandon. They quickly reversed direction and headed back up the trail, desperately trying to locate the medallion as they retraced the path they had taken up the mountain.

As they neared the peak, with no sign of the medallion, Brandon was beginning to get irritable.

“Look, I know you don’t want to hear this, but I think we better head home. It is getting late and it takes a long time to walk the trail. We don’t want to get caught up here after dark or we could end up lost, too. We can look again tomorrow. You can stay at my place tonight,” said Rick.

Brandon reluctantly agreed. As they headed back down the trail, Rick caught sight of something shiny in the brush beside the trail. He stopped to examine it, surprised to find the medallion hidden in the foliage. Brandon turned to look back to his friend.

“Did you find something?” asked Brandon hopefully.

“Nah, just some trash, ” said Rick as rushed to catch up to his friend.

Rick put his arm around Brandon’s sexy body, pretending to comfort him. Brandon was sure they could find the medallion again tomorrow. Might as well have some fun tonight.


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