Fields of Femininity

When Jason and his class went on a school excursion to the fields of femininity they were unsure of how it would go. However, once they got there they loved it.
The fields of femininity require everyone to be female in that area. So for Jason and his mates as they entered they became female. Jason was pleased with his new body as was everyone else and their new bodies. He loved the feeling of the space between his legs that resulted in being more comfortable and he and all the others agreed that having boobs is sensational. They were all a little sad to leave the fields of femininity. They were worried that they may never see this beautiful bodies again. However little did they know that if on exit from fields of femininity if they are satisfied with being a girl they shall remain a girl.
Jason was over the moon when he was confirmed as a she. Once they passed the gate Jason who now likes to be called Jessica, proceeded to show everyone her vagina.
She shouted, “look at me I still have a pussy, I am a girl forever!” Jessica had never been this happy as Jason.


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