You’re missing out

Masao wearily entered his dormitory room at Waseda University and was surprised to find two girls giggling, kissing and bumping breasts with each other on the bed. Actually, the more personally shocking reality for Masao was that he’d somehow swapped bodies with his girlfriend Mitsuko last night right when he came into her lustily. He and Mitsuko had spent the entire night trying to come to grips with this turn of events, and then she’d had to teach him how to put on her clothes and heels. Now he was bone-tired.

Hearing the click of heels at the door, the two girls looked up. “Mitsuko?” said the one on top. “…Masao?” ventured the one on the bottom. Masao nodded to both of them and sat down heavily, feeling his tits bounce. “And who are you?” Masao asked in his girlfriend’s voice. The two girls laughed and replied one by one: “We’re your roommates Yosuke and Junpei, silly! Don’t you recognize our new forms from our favorite AV posters? It appears that we’d both masturbated last night in the bathroom while thinking about our porn star fantasy girls. So we’re now Eri and Hiroko. We were both stunned at first to be in their bodies, but on coming back to the dorm we checked the Internet and learned of something called the ‘FOSE.’ It’s a one-time thing and apparently can’t be reversed, so we were just now learning how to enjoy ourselves. It looks like you were ‘busy’ last night too.”

Masao blushed. “You are right,” he said, “Mitsuko and I were having our first time in bed together, and I was fantasizing about her as I exploded. Now I seem to be stuck as Mitsuko; what should I do?”

The girls smiled and tittered on the bed: “Come on and join us, Mitsu-chan, you’re missing out!” The two resumed licking and squeezing and sucking each other, getting all the tits and ass that they could ever want. After some initial protesting, Masao removed his heels, dress, and panties to join his roommates on the bed. He would not regret it.


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