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Dolly’s Dresses

I hope the girls like my dress. I can’t believe that I didn’t want to wear these a year ago. There were so many things I thought that I’d never get used to, but it all seems pretty normal now. I can still clearly remember being a guy, but I just don’t connect with that identity anymore. I remember the first time that mommy tried to get me to wear a dress, I was so angry I almost started crying.
“I’m your son! You can’t make me wear a dress!” I screamed
That seems so silly now. I really did resist for a long time after I caught the feminine flu, almost a full six months. I wore boxers, refused makeup or to do my hair. I event tried to lower my voice even though it sounded ridiculous. Now that I’ve met more women in my positions I’ve learned that for most of us the breaking point came when the first boy started to pay them some attention. However, boys being boys most people gave into their female identities within a month of their physical transformation.
I was determined though. Boys would talk to me, place their hands on my knee and I slapped them. This didn’t happen to often though, I hardly went out and when I did my clothes were so baggy that my gender was hard to determine. It was a serious case of denial, I was becoming more and more attracted to boys but I could not stand the thought of giving in that way, so cliché.
“Oh Randy! Of course I’ll be a girl for you!” –gross-
No, for me it was something different.
I was with my mom and little sister at the mall. My mother was determined to get a nice Christmas card.
“I just want to show off my two gorgeous daughters and show everyone that we don’t need no man!” she laughed, we’d caught my father in an affair six months ago and had hardly seen him since.
Because my mother was so determined she had managed to get me into a dress with minimal makeup. I could not stop blushing or swearing under my breath. The very worst part was that I did look pretty good. I walked over to the raised platform where women try on dresses and observed myself in the mirrors. There was no man there, only infinite women staring back at me. I moved my lips and she moved her lips, I moved the edge of my dress and the infinite shes did the same. That was the first time that I had really looked at myself for any extended period. I was shorter than I used to be, I slipped out of my high heels and stood no taller than 5’ 3”. I stood maybe 5 inches from the mirror, observing every change in my face, my newly plump lips (with light red lipstick), my eyelashes (with light mascara), my soften jawline that lead down to my cleavage, my cleavage. It was at that moment, lost in a trance that one of the women in the store stepped next to the platform.
“You really should buy that dress, it looks really pretty on you” Read more

Second Puberty CYOA

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I left my therapist’s office in a huff. He’s so patronizing. Every time that I tell him that I am not going to let my impending second puberty change who I am or how I live my life he rolls his eyes and says something like
‘I’m sure you’ll try, but every recorded case of second puberty has resulted in significant personality and lifestyle changes by the end of the first 2 months after the completed transformation, often much sooner.’ Read more

Not bored anymore (request for @MiraMinx)

Anthony was feeling a little disappointed. It was the third week of the last summer before he started his senior year of college. It had not been a bad summer and school was going well, but another summer stuck in his boring home town was not exactly his idea of exciting. Every single person over 25 he ran into could not stop blabbing on about how “these are the best times of your life” and “make sure not to waste your youth, once you get a job and a family you can’t go back”. At times Anthony had to force himself not to roll his eyes. Read more

A Little Bashful

Our newest recruit is still a little bashful. You can’t blame her, even with all the training that she received waking up as a 18 year old girl when you used to be a 35 year old male is never easy. You never can tell how these things are gonna turn out. Major Morales was a very domineering man, a natural leader who was even considered something of a bully by his co-workers. However from the looks of the first few days it seems like Missy Robinson, senior at Ellings high might be more of a follower. While no gun or strongman ever seemed to threaten him I’ve seen Missy scared witless by the head cheerleader. Read more

The Cute One

It’s been almost 2 years since Dan started going out with Charlotte and yet he has not developed much of a relationship with her daughter, Molly. It is not for lack of trying, but practically every day since she had turned 18 (only 2 months after they met) Molly had been on the road with her band. She leads an all girl pop-punk band and despite his initial misgivings Dan has to admit that they are actually pretty good. He’s done his best to connect with Molly over their shared love of music but she had consistently rebuffed him
“I just don’t see how an old man is gonna help our group” she’d say Read more

‘If it gets any worse’

The doctor had absolutely no explanation. Useless piece of shit. About 3 months ago my body started to go through some changes. I lost weight, my features softened and my muscles lost their definition. At 50 years old with a wife and daughter I didn’t like to take risks with my health so I went to my doctor immediately. He told me that nothing was wrong with me and simply to monitor ‘if it gets any worse’. Long story short…it got worse. My height started to slip, usually about 1-2 inches a day, this adds up and a week in I had dropped from 6′ 5″ to 5′ 7″. On the ninth day after my doctor visit my (standing at a puny 5′ 5″) I stood in front of my wife’s full length mirror (my head now had several inches before the top of the mirror even though I used to chuckle at how small it was) and felt the ear length blonde hair that had begun to spring from my bald head.
“Hey Daddy!”
I turn to the door, startled
“Oh, Candice, you scared me” I sigh
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, I just wanted to see how little you got today!” my 21 year old daughter says in ‘baby talk’
I look at her indignantly
“You know before soon I might be taller than you! You’ll hardly be the Daddy then will you?”
She ends with her head next to mine, still about 4 inches shorter. Read more

Don’t enjoy it too much

Most people don’t understand what it means to be in a gang. I don’t spend my days dealing drugs or shooting people. Mostly I make sure that the local stores don’t get robbed by the neighborhood punks and that there isn’t any violence on the streets that is not gang sanctioned. It organized, we exist within a few city blocks and everyone is answerable to someone. Read more

Know who you are

When the Great Shift happened the advice that everyone kept repeating was “know who you are”. It was written billboards, there were ads on the radio, the President even made an address about it. “If you experience a body shifting occurrence make sure to Know Who You Are.”
So when I woke up in this body this morning I made sure to find out who I was. I checked through her purse and her jackets and found her wallet.
Janet Skneckdidy, age 22, height: 5′ 3″
Know who you are. Check. Janet, 22. I looked around the room, it was filled with stuffed animals and makeup. Bras were strewn around the room with sweaters that declared Janet a proud member of Alpha Kappa sorority, the best one in school.
My head began to spin but the words kept echoing. Know who you are. Know who you are.
I began to blink rapidy, know who you are!
It doesnt just mean to find out the name of the person you are, it means to really know who you are!
Over the next week I made every attempt to play the role as Janet, I learned how to do her makeup, I participated in her sorority, one night I even took a boy home after a party. It was a pretty good time.
With every new thing that I learned how to do, and each new experience it seems like I was losing a little bit of who I used to be. But you know what they say, ‘know who you are’.
After a week I knew more about who I am than who I used to be. I can totally play the part of Janet, the idea of being a middle aged man again sounds so icky!
Today is the weekly party with frats, I picked out the sexiest dress I could find, do you like my lips? I hope Marco does. I think I finally know who I am now, according to my big I’m the biggest whore in the whole sorority! Remember what they say! ‘Know who you are…fucking! Smile! Suck Cock!