Don’t enjoy it too much

Most people don’t understand what it means to be in a gang. I don’t spend my days dealing drugs or shooting people. Mostly I make sure that the local stores don’t get robbed by the neighborhood punks and that there isn’t any violence on the streets that is not gang sanctioned. It organized, we exist within a few city blocks and everyone is answerable to someone.

That’s another thing, when you watch movies it makes you think that mobsters get to do whatever we want, but that could not be farther from the truth. My gang is a strict hierarchy, everyone has a job and a position, if you can’t find something productive to do you have better get out of town.

Like any organization you have to pay your dues, do stuff you don’t want to so that eventually you can get there. I am what they call an ‘up and comer’, the boss has had his eye on me for a while, some people even think that he’s grooming me to replace him someday.

So when he came to me sixth months ago with a special mission I knew that it was my chance to prove myself.
I stood outside the big wooden doors of his office.

“Marvin please come in” He beckoned

I shyly opened the door and walked to the center of the room, standing over the single chair.

“You asked to see me sir?” I tried to stay formal, I normally hate calling people sir

“Yes I did Marvin, please sit down, I have a special assignment for you”

I promptly sat down. There came a giggling noise from behind me, a tall slim woman dressed in blue high heels and a tiny dress ran her finger along my shoulder and then sat on the bosses lap.

“He’s a cute one sir” She announced in her unbelievably high voice

“Yes, yes he is” Boss looked at me expectantly
I opened my mouth, but no words came out, I didn’t know what to say

“Marvin, what do we say when someone pays us a compliment?” Boss said in a condescending tone

“Thank you…Ma’m”
The woman began to giggle uncontrollably

“Did you hear that sir? He called me Ma’m”
I blushed
Boss smiled at the woman
“Yes, well, he’s still very young”
Boss slapped her ass and she dropped to her knees under the table.
Boss scooted up in the chair and looked you dead in the eyes, the sounds of his pants dropping and gentle sucking did not seem to distract him.

“Marvin. Unlike the slut under the table I don’t care to beat around the bush. I want to you to learn how to do what I do. I see a real potential in you and I think that you are the man to lead this organization when I die”

I almost fell out of my chair, I had been expecting this news for a while but to have it confirmed was almost too much to handle

“Thank you so much sir! I have so many ideas!”

Boss put his hand up patiently

“You are going to have to spend a lot of time with me to learn how to do what I do. But, politics being what they are if people know that I have chosen you as my successor there are going to be a lot of problems”

I nodded in agreement

“So, in order to avoid any drama, I’m gonna tell everyone that you went away for a while”

I was baffled at this point

“You look a little confused, you should get used to that sensation”

With that I blacked out.

I woke up on my back looking at a white ceiling. A black haired woman leaned over me

“So you are to be master’s new little pet” She said, smiling “Interesting”

“What?” I screamed out and then suddenly covered my mouth, my voice was way higher and I was totally naked

The woman started began to fondle my breasts…my breasts. MY BREASTS.

“Yes dear, that look of shock on your face is perfect. You’ll be spending all of your time with master from now on.”

“He told me that I’d be the next on charge”

At this the woman began to laugh uncontrollably

“Oh dear, you naive little bimbo. Master tells all of us that. Don’t worry all of those kinda worries will be gone from your pretty little head soon” She brushed my long blonde hair behind my ears

Moments later the boss walked in completely naked

“My, my, you did turn out very well”

He climbed on top of the bed and started to thrust inside of me. With each thrust I lost more and more of my old identity. With each thrust I wanted more and more to be master’s little slut.

I began to moan loudly as we bumped up and down on the bed, master smiled

“you’re gonna be a great one, just make sure not to enjoy it to much or else you won’t ever get to run the org, you’ll just be a little slut like all the others”

I couldn’t speak, all I wanted was his cock.


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