Pucker up!

Each time she puckers her lips things get a little stranger.

The first time my hair grew long, my curly black hair fell in waves down to my chest. The second time earring appeared, small silver studs. The third time I started to shrink, 2 inches per pucker.
5′ 8″
5′ 6″
5′ 4″
5′ 2″
5′ 0″
I used to tower over Alexa but now my eyes hardly reach her neck.
“Please stop!” I cry but to no avail, she retracts her cheeks and puckers again. My lips plumpen and I notice my face soften.
“You’re starting to look kinda cute boy, but not quiet there yet” She taunts
Once more, make up appears on my face, mascara, blush, lipstick and my nails grow longer and are coated in nail polish. I stare at my fingers when I hear another pop. My white t-shirt starts to sag and my jeans slip down my waist. I look up at Alexa desperately and scramble to keep my clothes up.
“Oh don’t worry baby, this won’t last long”
Two quick pops. My butt starts to protrude, offering my jeans a resting place and my chest expands rapidly. My now comically large shirt rests around my shoulders and halfway down my new breasts.
“I’m getting better at this, you’re turning into a little hottie!” She laughs
She bends down to my face level and pops her lips right in my face.
“This has to stoo…..p!” I try to yell
My voice jumps an octave, like when I was 15, except now it is not going back, my hand instinctively jumps to my crotch. I blush.
“Happy birthday girly” Alexa coos and laughs

Alexa steps around me, admiring her work.
“It’s almost too bad, Charles, you used to be quiet the hunk. Too bad you just would not take no for an answer at the bar last night, you just kept yapping on.”

“thats what this is about? Because I hit on you at the bar last night? I can change! I’ll never do it again!”

“Oh I know” she puckers her lips again.

My shirt and pants change rapidly, my pants shrink into bleached high waisted shorts that leave both of my butt cheeks exposed. My shirt contorted into a half shirt that says “Babydoll” written across it in pink letters.

I burn with embarrassment. At least there’s nothing more that she can do.

“What was that? What you were thinking just then? You think that me turning you into a woman is the worst thing I can do?” -pop-

I don’t notice any changes right away. Until I notice a green ring appear on my finger “Armijo high school class of 2017”. I jump

“Congratulations! You’re legal! 18 years old already I can’t believe it. Better find yourself a date for prom missy”

I look up at her, screaming with my eyes.

“this is your life now Chrissy, and if you tell anyone I’ll change you again, how do pull-ups sound?” She laughs and I shriek

“No I would not do that just yet, but your boobs do seems a little small, one more pucker won’t hurt”


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