A Little Bashful

Our newest recruit is still a little bashful. You can’t blame her, even with all the training that she received waking up as a 18 year old girl when you used to be a 35 year old male is never easy. You never can tell how these things are gonna turn out. Major Morales was a very domineering man, a natural leader who was even considered something of a bully by his co-workers. However from the looks of the first few days it seems like Missy Robinson, senior at Ellings high might be more of a follower. While no gun or strongman ever seemed to threaten him I’ve seen Missy scared witless by the head cheerleader.

Her mission was pretty simple, enroll at the local high school and investigate a drug ring, but the training seems to be a little to successful. Missy is a bit of a book worm who doesnt seem interested in drugs, in her last interview she was much more concerned about her upcoming chemistry exam then any mission.

Oh well, I’ll just have to write one more letter to one more wife, I’ll give Morales a good death, something noble. Missy however, just needs to concern herself with the stares she keeps getting.


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