Just would not believe me

That prick Raymond just would not believe me.

Six months ago I was 17, captain of the boys basketball team and crucially, male. My name was Laurence and I was pretty stoked about getting accepted to UC Davis in the fall. One day after school I noticed that my mother’s car was in the driveway, she works as a nurse and so she is never home before 6pm. I parked my car on the street and looked to my girlfriend, who I had planned on fucking until now.
“Stay here, I need to figure out why my mom is home” I conveyed seriously

I walked into the front room and my mother was sitting at the dining room table with a small stack of medical forms in her hand.
“Hey mom, you’re home early”
“Yes Laurence, please sit down”

I raised an eyebrow but did as she asked
“Laurence I just got an email from your doctor…” she trailed off
“Mom, what is it?” I tapped her shoulder and began to sweat
“Well, it seems you are about to experience puberty” she smiled meekly
“What are you talking about? I’ve already gone through that” I started worrying about pimples and growing pains again
“No, Laurence” she placed her hand on my knee “Second puberty”
I sat aghast for a moment
“I’m gonna be a chick!?” I scream
“Yes dear, but don’t worry I called Davis and they’ve arranged for you to stay in their female dorms and no matter what happens you’ll always be our…child” my mother stammered when she normally said ‘son’.

I stormed out of the house and into my car. I told Hannah the whole thing and she got very excited
“Oh my God you’ll be so cute! I wonder if I’ll be taller than you! I bet your tits will be great! Don’t worry, I’ll show you everything there is to know about being a girl!” She bounced up and down in her seat.
Before I could stop her she ran into my house and began speaking with my mother. In short order she had turned my mother, who had been rather down about the situation into an enthusiastic supporter of my transformation.

For all its downsides second puberty does happen a lot quicker than the first time around. First my toned figure began to slender as my butt began to expand. I was the first boy in my town to go through second puberty so many people were uncertain how to behave towards me. For the first week or two everything seemed relatively normal. Even my coach said
“son, as long as you’ve got your height and skill you’re welcome on this team”, I was still 6′ 1″, so there didn’t seem to be an issue. My first source of trouble actually came from Hannah, she began to insist that I prepare and ‘practice’ for being a girl. She made me pick out a name “Lauren” and had me practice make-up far before it was necessary. Whats further is that she, and a small but growing cadre, of people began to treat me as a woman, claiming ‘it’ll make it easier when it happens for real’. In my theatre class my director forced me to give up the role of Mercutio for Juliet because ‘by the time we perform I think the dress will fit you better”

All of these slights made Raymond seem even odder, he claimed that I didn’t really have second puberty, that I was just making it up for attention. What is worse is that he was the only other kid in school set to go to Davis.

Over the next month all doubts subsided (save for Raymond’s). My body developed curves and tits, which Hannah dubbed ‘well formed’, my mother and Hannah refused to let me cut my hair and perhaps worst of all I dropped 8″ in height. By the end of March I was a petite blonde at 5′ 6″. I kept showing up to basketball practice even though I never got any playtime. Being the first second puberty person in town meant that I got more than the average number of cat-calls and butt slaps around my high school “I always slap Laurence’s ass before a game! It’s good luck!” . My mother and Hannah, and eventually even my Dad, began to insist that I start going by “Lauren” and wearing feminine clothes. Despite all this I kept wearing my normal clothes until a talk with my coach. I was sitting on the bench during practice when he sat next to me.

“Listen son, I think it’s time that you start to accept who you are”
“Coach I’m Laurence! I’m the starting forward!”
“I’m sorry but you just aren’t, I can’t have you on this team, it’s male only. Now I think it’s time that you start acting like the young woman you’ve become. You’ve got a bright future ahead of you and I’d hate to see you throw that away over something that simply isn’t true anymore”
I sat in silence, walked off, drove home, laid down, fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning and chose to be Lauren, I put my makeup on, and walked downstairs in a dress. My mother smiled
“how’s my little girl doing today”
“I’m good mommy” I said, trying to play it up
“Well I’m glad to hear it sweetie, by the way I think that dress it just too cute!” she pointed at me with the spatula in her hand

With each day I dressed like Lauren, each time I did my hair and put a bra on, each time I painted my nails I felt farther and farther away from Laurence. The community accepted my decision quickly, encouraging it as much as possible. I was voted prom queen, and blushed pretty severely when Brad the prom king (who had replaced me as captain) picked me up and kissed me in front of everyone. I was not embarrassed, I was wet. The only person who persisted was Raymond. I managed to ignore him until we moved into college. I met my roommates; Ali and Jane and we all started to get along great, at this point unless someone brought it up I did not even think about Laurence. That’s when Raymond walked in
“Hello ladies, hows it feel to be rooming with a man?”
Ali and Jane looked at him quizzically, he snickered and looked at me when I pulled my shirt off and bra down, defiant. I gave him a glare and dared him to say shit.

That night Raymond came back and we fucked like crazy.

(I’d love to write another story about this character if people want it)


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