22 years old Kevin was relaxing after work playing his favorite video game. When he got thirsty he went to the kitchen to grab himself a beer. Passing by his younger sister’s room he heard that something is going on in there. “Get your hands of my breasts” He heard his sister’s voice. “Why don’t you make me Sally” Her boyfriend said. Kevin was getting furious thinking that this jerk is forcing himself on his little sister. “You little dick!” Kevin stormed inside the room, ready to skin him alive. “Wait! No!” His sister tried to stop him when he grabbed Peter, ready to punch him. “Stop it Kevin, It’s me, Sally” The boy cried in fear. Kevin looked at both of them in confuson. “We will explain, just put me down” Peter was begging him.

It appears that Sally and her boyfriend switched places using some weird device they found at school. Now Sally was Peter and she got a little bit curious about some stuff. She wanted to make out with Peter in her body but he was against it. That’s when Kevin interrupted and they had to explain everything.

Kevin didn’t buy the story. He thought it was a prank but Sally and Peter decided to prove it. Peter in Sally’s body pointed the remote and soon Kevin found himself where his sister was standing. “What the hell! I’m a Girl!” Kevin screamed in his sister’s high piched voice, patting down her teenage body. “Haha, you’re so cute when you’re freaking out” Sally laughed. Kevin could barely concentrate on Sally’s taunting. He was now in the body of his 18 years old sister and it was a shocking expirience.

He was obviously shorter now. His hands had almost no hair on them. The weight on his chest caught his attention immidiately. He reached his hands to touch the breasts but he stopped himself in the last moment remembering it’s his sister’s breasts. His butt and hips felt much bigger. Probably her tight jeans were increasing the feeling but still he could tell that this part of her body is much diffirent than his own. Kevin touched Sally’s delicate cheeks and plump lips, amazed hot soft they are.

“Looks like he is having fun” Peter joked. Kevin was staring daggers at him “Why it had to be Sally? You know that I will probably need a therapy after this” Kevin said. “Chill out bro, it’s not so bad” Sally said. “Ok, enough talking. Now give me my body back” Kevin demanded. Unfortunately Peter didn’t want to give up. “You know i think I’m going to keep it for a while” Peter grinned. “Come one Peter. Let’s change back already” Sally said but Peter wouldn’t listen.

A huge argument broke between the three of them. They were shouting at each other and tried to snatch away the remote. Their fight was stopped when Sally’s and Kevin’s parents came back home. “What the hell is going on here!?” Their dad took the remote in his hand “What is that thing?” He asked curiously inspecting it. The three of them started to talk at once about the swap but their dad didn’t understand a thing. “Body swap? Seriously? That’s the weakest prank you pulled over so far. And you Kevin, I thought you are too mature for this” He scolded them all.

“Peter, I guess you should go home” He said not knowing it was Sally inside his body. Sally knew there is no use to argue so she left the house with her head lowered in shame. “Kevin, you’re going with me. As for you young lady” He pointed at Kevin who was in Sally’s body. “You wait in your room until I finish with your brother” He said closing the door.

After giving a lecture to both of his kids he went downstairs with the remote in his hand. “What is this thing even?” He inspected it closely. When he tried to push the button nothing happened. Thinking it’s just some rubbish he throwed the remote into the trash can.


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