Re-edit: Lucky girl 2/3

His transformation didn’t stop there. He turned his head around to see his bottom fatten up. The panties slowly stretched and rode up between his buttocks. He felt embarrassed to see his sisters’ behind out of this perspective and his member sprang to attention again. In the meantime his hoodie’s sleeves had shortened and the material had thinned out. Caption letters appeared on the front reading “GIRL”. In the next moment his chest started itching and he tried to relieve the unsettling feeling by scratching it. His nipples were stiffening and his pecs were twitching. His areolas stretched and fat was being produced under his nipples. Big orbs of fat and flesh started to erupt from his chest. Derek knew what was coming. Breasts! He was growing breasts with big nipples. The tingling sensation caused his penis to harden and fully erect. He was getting incredibly horny. He reached for his member and started to masturbate to relieve the pressure. Finally the breast growth stopped at a small B-cup size. He couldn’t believe it. He had his own breasts. He started fondling them. He went over to the make-up table to study the next changes. His stubble and adam’s apple receded into inexistence. He screamed with a high-pitched voice that was familiar to him. He sounded like his sister. His jaw cracked and reshaped aswell as his cheekbones which moved upwards. His broader nose turned into a cute button nose and his mouth changed into plump kissable lips. His dark brown hair turned a bright blond and started growing rapidly. His eyebrows were plucked into shape by his sister’s tweezers which had appeared from nowhere. His eye colour changed from brown to a gray colour. Mascara and eyeliner was magically applied to his now big eyes. A drawer of the table opened magically and something shiny flew towards his nose. It was a nose ring. Again it just pierced right through the middle of his nose. He winced at the pain and looked in the mirror. Derek was stunned into silence. He stared back at his sister’s face. He got up from the table and admired his body in the big mirror. He looked exactly like his sister Diana from head to toe except for his crotch of course. He turned around and looked at his panty-clad heart-shaped bottom. The term “Lucky” wasn’t the fitting word for his situation. He noticed a pair of green high heels on the floor in front of him. Something was telling him to put them on. He didn’t want to but couldn’t resist. He stepped into them and straightened his body. He was back to his former height. Not only that but he could walk in the heels! He had walked around the room and hadn’t noticed the sway of his hips with every step that he had taken. But he didn’t even recall to have moved at all. The heels! – They were acting on their own. They were controlling him! He freaked out and tried to get out of the heels but they were locked in place. Then the green top he was wearing controlled his torso movement. He was being bent over the bed. It was like an invisible hand that was forcing him down. All he could do was watch in the mirror as his top was being pulled up to reveal his bare back. A sudden sting announced the next change. A name tattoo emerged right over his bottom which read “Clarence”. He didn’t even know his sister had a tattoo. Then it dawned on him. Clarence was her boyfriend and a nice guy Clarence at that but Derek didn’t want to be his girlfriend. Seeing the tattoo strengthened his notion. His attention went back to his member which had grown tiny over the past few minutes. Still it was very stiff. As soon as he touched it, it started to invert into his body. He panicked! The last evidence of him being a man started to vanish into a fold and he couldn’t stop it. He could feel his insides rearranging. Organs were being replaced and modified. She was now a complete woman. He was Diana.


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