Falling in love

“This is awful” Kyle moaned looking at his reflection. He was really disgusted by his little sister’s body. “I have her face, and boobs and…” Kyle winced his face thinkig about what’s hiding under her panties. He was pissed that his sister stole his body at a time like this. He was about to go on a date with his crush but his sister used some wicked remote and went on the date in his body instead leaving Kyle stuck.

“Linda! Danny is here” His mom shouted. “Oh crap! not now” Kyle was panicking. “Why her dumb boyfriend must had to come right now. Damn it Linda! you will pay for this” Kyle said angrily and left her room.

When Kyle left with Danny something had changed. He looked at him difirently. Danny seemed really nice and charming. Kyle was holding his hand all the time. He let Danny play with his hair, embrace his waist, they even kissed a few times. When they went to the ice cream shop Kyle couldn’t help but stare at him smiling. He didn’t even realize when his mind changed but he knew one thing. He loved Danny.

The next day when Kyle woke up he had no memory of the remote or the body swap. He was now Linda in body and mind.


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