Trying to blackmail her

“Man this is weird, I’m in my little sister’s body” Kevin said looking with curiousity at his tiny arms. He reached his hands to his waist and belly. “She is so fragile and thin” He said amazed how smooth her skin was. The remote he found on the streets was really great. Thanks to it he could swap bodies with his 14 years old sister and find a way to blackmail her later.

He looked around the room deciding to inspect it. He went through her personal things but didn’t find anything worth his attention. That was until he opened her drawer “Whoah! If mom finds out she is wearing these she is going to kill her” Kevin said holding a pair of lace thongs. “Should i put it on and take a pictue?” He wondered.

evin was so occupied he didn’t notice his mom entering the room. “Jess, your swimming lessons starts soon. Are you ready yet?” She said. Kevin got starled by the sudden appearance of his mom and accidentally dropped the remote causing it to shatter into pieces. “Mom!?” He turned around with a shocked expression. “What’s going on Jess? Did I scared you?” His mom asked and then looked at the floor. “Jess is that your phone? I swear if you broke your phone you’re not getting a new one in five years!” His mom shouted. “No, no, it’s just a… some weird gizmo i found” Kevin said. “Why did you bring it home? Clean this mess and throw it to the trash” His mom said. “Anyway I prepared your swimsuit and towel. They are in your bag i left in the living room” His mom said and left the room. Kevin looked at the remains of the remote. “No this can’t be” He cried trying to put it back together however the remote looked like it couldn’t be repaired. The reality begin to kick in and Kevin was slowly realizing that because of him he is going to spend the rest of his life as his little sister.


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