Re-edit: Lucky girl 1/3

Alone at home Derek was looking for his blue hoodie that he wanted to wear for his date night with Anne. He had searched the whole house when he remembered that his sister had taken a few of his clothes a couple of times now. His sister Diana wasn’t home so he snuck into her room and began looking for his hoodie. He had searched everything apart from the basket full of dirty laundry. He dug deep into it and found his hoodie right at the bottom. He put it on straight away just to be sure. He turned towards the mirror. – He was a lucky guy. Going out with Anne meant going out with the hottest girl in high school! He noticed a bulge forming in his pants as he started thinking about her. To release pressure he pulled down his trousers and boxers but stumbled over something else. He fell backwards and landed straight on his butt. After a moment of shock he glanced over to the object that had caused him to fall. A pair of green panties?? Oddly enough they had four leaf-clover symbols on it and “LUCKY” written on it. Suddenly the panties began to twitch and started to slither towards him. The moment he realised what was happening the panties leaped onto his feet and travelled upwards. He tried to move his arms to stop the process but some force stopped him from doing so. Then the hoodie had started restricting his upper body movement. He could only pointlessly kick and watch as the panties moved to his crotch. His erection hadn’t grown any smaller. The silk panties settled tightly on his crotch and butt. All of a sudden he could move again. Instantly he tugged at the panties and tried to get them off but they wouldn’t budge. At once a sharp pain rippled through his abdomen. His insides started to shift around. Derek had to hold onto the side of the bed. In the mirror he could see his waist squeeze. His rib cage was shrinking and his stomach was flattening while his six-pack vanished. Then the panties started to feel even tighter. His hips were pushing outwards and his thighs were thickening. He watched in utter disbelief as his inner thighs squeezed his still erect member. He couldn’t quite comprehend what was happening but he sure knew the clothes had something to do with it. He noticed his feet were shrinking as were his hands. His nails grew rapidly and got equipped with french tips. Derek at this point thought he was being transformed into some freak. He observed his body hair as it was starting to retract. His once hairy arms and legs were now smooth to the touch and his stomach and chest were completely hairless. His knees had turned slightly inwards so that his thighs created a small triangular gap. His erection had faded and he pulled out his penis to make sure it was still there. A sudden sting had brought him back to reality. He pulled up his hoodie to be witness of a belly button that apparently had made its way over from his sister’s make-up table. It had pierced right through his belly button. The pain was short-lived as at this point Derek knew he was transforming into his sister. His torso started to decrease in size and his back started to arch. He was horrified and confused.


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