Re-edit: Lucky girl 3/3

Diana was relieved that the transformation was over. On the other hand she was still in a state of shock. Why had this happened? He went through his mind trying to come up with an explanation. The words Lucky and Girl added up to – “Lucky girl”. Luck didn’t bring her into this situation?! She suddenly heard footsteps.
Someone was coming up the stairs in the hall. She didn’t have the time to hide so she just hoped it wasn’t the real Diana. The door swung open and in stepped Clarence. She had forgotten about him coming to theirs. She was shocked to see him in this position and couldn’t come up with anything to say. “I came in through the open window downstairs. I hope you don’t mind. BTW…You look so hot in that outfit Diana!” She could only smile to this compliment even though she didn’t want to. “You must want something really bad”. He grinned as he said this. Diana wanted to step away only to find out that she couldn’t. Instead the heels lead her way to the bed. She crawled onto it and looked back at Clarence. Inwardly Derek was terrified as to what these clothes were making him do. “I love it when you play submissive. No talk. After all, you’re mine!” She shuddered at this last sentence. She opened her mouth and said “I like it when you take charge and I just play along. Look what I did for you!” Derek’s body pulled up the top and showed Clarence the tattoo. “Wow. You really want me, don’t you? Let’s try something different today”. With these last words Diana stuck her bottom in the air and rested her arms on the bed facing towards the mirror.
Derek was in total disbelief. What was going on? Clarence got rid of his T-shirt and unzipped his pants. He pulled down his boxers and his 7 inch erect cock flopped out. Derek didn’t know what to do. Diana acted on her own, “Come here big boy, I’m your lucky girl!” Derek’s mind was being overruled by Diana’s. “I’m not Diaaana!” she screamed. “I know… you’re her brother. Your sister is away for a week so you’ll be her replacement!”
With that Clarence climbed on the bed and touched Diana’s vaginal lips with the tip of his member. Slowly he pushed inside Diana’s vagina. The pleasure was unbearable.

“Stooop!!!! Stop,pleaaaaahhhh!…I’m not Diana- aaaaahh!!! It’s still me inside here”.
“Shut up, bitch!” Clarence shouted, slapped her butt and started to thrust faster. “OHHHH MYY GAAAAWWWD”…You’re so f****** huge!”
At this moment Derek’s mind melted away and was replaced by Diana’s.

“I LOOOOVE YOOOUUU!!” she moaned. “I need your baaaaaby, big boy… RIGHT NOW!”


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