Teached a Lesson

I always filmed it when I fucked the girls i hooked up with in the local bar. Of course I had my own channel at a multinational porn website and made good money with uploading the videos. Of course I made sure, that my face wasn’t visible just in case and no girl knew of course, or so I thought…

It was that one night at the bar, when I laid eyes upon that beautiful blonde, with that incredible body and this puffy lips.
Those lips, which should later in the evening close around my cock in my apartment until I came hard and made her swallow the whole load. Next, as usual letting her close to no time cleaning herself, I positioned her in front of the secret camera, put my penis in position, which she soon commented with a loud sensual moan as I began to thrust deep inside of her.

Suddenly I began to faint, followed by a strange pleasure I’d never felt before, emitting from my behind. I couldn’t help myself but to moan out loudly, my mouth wide open. As my senses finally returned completely, I felt that I was on all four, my vision now in the height of the hidden camera, as something pounded me from behind. Two soft weights on my chest bounced around wildly, clapping together and pulling me down. As I hung my head, overwhelmed from all the pleasure pulsing trough my body, long blonde hair swayed into my vision and I could smell some kind of flower shampoo. In pleasure I involuntarily I licked my now full lips, suddenly tasting something salty on my new tongue. No time to care any further, because the pleasure began to overhelm me completely. As I looked directly into the camera, my whole body began to tingle more and more intense, a feeling from head to toe washed over me, a feeling like I was flying in the clouds. In the same time it was as if my toes had rolled themselves up from all the tension.
I moaned loud, really loud i don’t know for how long. Then I could feel something being pulled out of me, followed my a wet feeling run down my ass cheeks and down my leg. I had come and apperantly he had come too.

It now fully dawned to me that the blonde girl had swapped our bodies in the moment I pushed inside of her. She was a witch and knew about my videos and wanted to teach me a lesson.
She said that this would be now my body and that this time it would be my face on the internet, for the whole world to see, while I was fucked from behind by that famous unknown man…


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