Mall Hopping

Sean always had a thing for skinny and big breasted girls with blonde hair. When he spotted Sophie in the local shopping mall, he knew he had to give her body a spin.
So he followed her for quite some time until she finished her shopping trip with a lot of new clothes, especially some sexy new lingerie which Sean even suggested her to buy!

Of course Sean was only there with his mind, as he body hopped from saleswoman to saleswoman to have the chance to ogle at her marvelous body unnoticed. He liked to do that a lot before hopping his victims and as a nice side effect he could guide them to buy clothes he would like to wear when he was in them. He always hopped the young and sexy clerks, so he could have even more fun and playing with their nipples, while advising his real victims to buy things he would like to wear in them later. Sean found it amusing when he hopped out of them and watch them dealing with their suddenly sore nipples and damp crotches.

Now, Sean was following his newest target to her car, watching her delicous butt swinging around, which would soon be his to enjoy himself.
As she pulled open the trunk of her car and put in all the shopping bags, he quickly walked behind her, put his arms around her, muffled her screams and pushed himself in as everything went black for a second.
He could feel his new tight body, leaned over the trunk of the car. He could feel his breasts dangling on his chest, the blonde hair pulling on his head, her necklace swinging above his new cleavage and her tight clothes on his skin.
Sean took his time to fondle his new assets with his dainty hands and felt himself getting aroused once again, so he closed the trunk, looked on her ID and then quickly drove off to her home.
Once arrived, he walked with all the shopping bags to her room, enjoying the swinging of his hips and the bouncing of his soft flesh.
In her room Sean quickly pulled off her blouse and the bra, once again fondling her boobs with one hand while pulling down her shorts with the other.
Now finally after the long day in the mall, he would have fun trying on all the things she bought and finding the best outfit for this sexy body to go out.
And then, the real fun could begin…


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