All yours

“Alright baby; you know what I want.” he said to me, I sighed and then began removing my gown, exposing my tits along with the rest of my naked body to his video camera.
Ugh, disgusting pig; looking at me like I’m his personal sex toy; well have a good look buddy because as soon as we have sex it’ll be all yours; I just can’t wait to see the look on your new face when I walk off in your body.
I must say, I’ll miss this body a bit; but if I don’t do this I’ll be stuck as a porn star forever, I still remember the day this bitch, or whoever possessed her body at the time stole my life, well now it’s my turn.
I notice him set the camera down onto its stand, he then starts to remove his pants, revealing the obvious erection resting beneath; have a good look at these tits pal, in thirty minutes they’ll be all yours.


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