Changes 6 – Final

Mona sat thinking about the Great Shift and the many changes it had brought. Although she was unshifted her husband was just gone. And her son Billy had shifted into her husband’s body… his father’s body. It had been very confusing for her. But the time had come to make some decisions about her future… it was time to move forward.

Mona also need to talk with her son Billy who was also confused and initially frightened by the changes he had experienced and the events of the last few weeks. Mona knew as Billy’s mother it was her responsibility to help him make plans for his future. She also knew that the sexual encounters they had shared were something to be left in the past. She must be strong.

She called for her son: “Billy! Come in here please… we must talk.” When he arrived she started out: “Billy… the time has come for a serious talk… we need to discuss your future and my plans for….”

Billy raised his hand… palm facing her…. it cut her off in mid-sentence.

“Mona, I am not Billy. I am Bill. I am not a boy, I am a man. And Mona, you are my woman …. to love, to hold and to have as my own.”

With that Bill took out his large stiff cock and said: “Mona, it is time you sucked this dick like the good little girl you are.” A shocked Mona quickly obeyed his directive and as she sucked him he groped her large breasts. In a short time, Bill had quickly and easily flipped Mona onto her stomach and proceeded to push his huge cock into her pussy. Mona could feel him pound her pussy as he owned her ass. This was a new… a different sexual encounter… this was a real fucking and …. Ohhhhh Myyyyy Gawddd!

The Great Shift had changed Mona…. she had a real man in her life… or, maybe it was more a case of Bill having her…


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