Babysitting turnabout

Jody was stunned and unable to speak. She was sitting on a sofa, in a weak 12 year old male body and couldn’t move a muscle, while watching her old body playing with her boobs.
Richy on the other hand was more than happy. After ripping of the top his babysitter had been wearing, he leaned forward and began to fondle the soft breasts with an mischievous smile on his now full lips, as he released his hands to let them dangling on his chest to taunt her.

“Jody… or I’ll just call you Richy from now on. Firstly I have to thank you for keeping my future body in an excellent shape and I promise you that I will do my best to keep it that way. However, I won’t promise that I will keep your hair color as it is. I always thought that you would look even hotter as a redhead with your cute freckles. Secondly, to help you adjusting being a 12 year old boy, you will soon gain all memories being Richy and loose all memories being Jody, as I will keep my memories and will gain your old ones on top. Noone will be the wiser that I switched our bodies. I’m already looking forward to know how to apply makeup, paint my nails, style my silky hair, or to know what my breast size is to buy some sexy new bras, to seduce some gu………. ohhhhhww…….. my two lovers? Wow, I’m rapidly gaining new memories now. My first kiss, I even know my bra size now, C-cups full of fun, nice, my first time having sex, and… oh you kinky girl, my first time receiving it from both ends by my two lovers at the same time. I even have some porn starring me on the internet? Wow, that kind of turns me on now”, the new Jody said, as she began to fondle her squishy boobs again, enjoying the new sensation of arousal rising inside of her, while her right hand slowly wandered inside her panties.

Richy still sat there, now wondering what his babysitter was talking about and why she was almost naked and fondling herself. He always had a crush on her, since the first day she started babysitting him. Now sitting there and watching Jody masturbating on front of him, his member started to raise, he couldn’t help himself as he unpacked his willy and began to jack off wildly to the sight in front of him.


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