‘Atta Girl

My breath came out in little high-pitched gasps and moans as the thick, hard shaft plowed into an opening I didn’t have just a few minutes ago. I looked down in disbelief at the changes the Bimbo Virus had wrought upon my body. Between the large bouncing swells of my new tits I watched helplessly as what was left of my own dick disappeared between the smooth, shapely thighs I now owned.

A whimper slipped past my lips as I looked up at the muscular stud that was steadily fucking the man out of me. I could still recognize my son’s face as he leered down at me, but the once-scrawny teen had since become a powerful and domineering Adonis of a man. I squealed and shuddered as he suddenly grabbed my ankles and spread my legs out wide, pressing himself in closer to drive that monster of a cock even deeper into me!

“W-why?” was all that I could manage between the soft lusty cries pouring past my lips as my mind began to grow hazy with lust. My thoughts becoming indistinct as the final stages of the Bimbo Virus began to destroy the only masculine part of me left.

“It’s like you always said while you beat me, pop.” He began “There’s just two kinds of people in this world, Real Men and Bitches.” He said, quoting me in a mockery of what used to be my voice as he began to fuck me harder and faster. “Well, I’m immune to the Bimbo Virus, that’s why I turned into an Alpha.” He explained, my cries becoming louder as I began to lustily buck my hips in time with his thrusts, looking up at him an expression of bottomless feminine need. “As for you… You’re not, that’s why you’re gonna BE… MY… BITCH!!!” He roared out loud, punctuating the last three words with a brutal thrust, hilting himself inside me each time.

That was all that I could take, I screamed as those words rang in my ears. “His Bitch”… it was the last thing I heard before the last shred of my male-self shattered forever. My whole body quivered as I thrashed in ecstasy on the bed. My hot, wet pussy squeezing firmly around the thick, hard rod buried deep inside me as I very literally CAME into my new life.

My Alpha gave a loud groan as he filled me up with his hot, creamy load. I squealed and shuddered, grinding back against him as he made me come again before slowly pulling out. A gasp escaped my lips as the head of his cock exited my cunt with a slight pop. Without hesitation I rolled onto my knees, hungrily stuffing my face into his crotch. I felt his big strong hands on the back of my head as I began to eagerly suck him off. “Atta girl,” he rumbled in a pleased tone.


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