I don’t leave a friend

Stan is such a good friend. Most people would have left me behind after that bimbo jumped on me and infected me with the bimbo virus. But he didn’t. He pushed her away and pulled me into his car. I guess he hoped, that the doctors could probably heal me before the transformation kicks in.
But when we arrived at the place, we could just hear moans and screams coming out of it. The bimbos must have overrun the place. I asked Stan to leave me, to save himself. I knew it was to late. I could already feel a heat building inside of me. Soon my body will start to change.
But Stan still wanted to save me. “Probably, there is still someone here who can help you” he said. I tried to run away, but Stan hold me with his strong arms. I realized that my strength was already fading away and so it was no problem for Stan to get me into the building.
We wandered from corridor to corridor looking for anyone who isn’t infected or fucking his own brain out. I could feal my body reshaping. My bodyhair falling out. Breasts forming on my chest. “Stan, It’s to late. You should go”, I said. But he still didn’t want listen to me. So we continued our search and my body continued it’s transformation. My hair grew, my face got feminized and then the last and important physical change kicked in. My penis began to shrink. I stopped. I begged Stan to leave. Soon I would get a pussy and the desires of a bimbo. “I can still save you.”, he said.
I screamed. “No! You can’t!” In my anger I tored my clothes off. “Look at me! I’am almost one of them. Leave before …” I gasped. My dick was gone and hormones started to fill my body. My mind became foggy, my pussy wet. But I was sure I could hold myself back for a little bit. Enough time for Stan to flee.
But instead he grapped me, pulled me in one of the empty patience rooms. He throwed me on the bed, took his cloth off and started to stroke his dick.
“I don’t leave a friend. I will never do.”, he said and rammed his hard member inside of me.

Now Stefanie and I are still best friends. Alway looking for each other and for some cock…


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