Bimbo virus outbreak

James, or rather Jamie, could feel the bimbo virus coursing through her as she lapped up every drop from the bimbo that had once been her girlfriend Stephanie. The bimbo virus had been going on for several weeks, and they had holed up in James apartment to wait it out. Unfortunately the outbreak had outlasted their supplies and they had agreed to go on scavenging runs to get more stuff to hold out.

James should have known something was off when Stephanie came back with ragged hair, and tits that were pushing against her striped shirt. As soon as they had both made it into the garage James had closed the door and turned to Stephanie who had a pained look on her face. “What’s the matter?” He asked.

Stephanie looked like she was waging an internal battle, and James was beginning to suspect something was amiss when strong, feminine arms grabbed him and soft flesh pressed against his back. Suddenly Stephanie’s behavior and look made sense. “I’m sorry.” was all she said as she kissed James deeply, all the while he was being held by the bimbo behind him. As soon as their lips met and saliva was swapped James could feel the bimbo virus coursing through his system, rewriting everything and rewiring his brain.

Before he could even summon the will to resist he knew the fight was over. The strong grip on him slacked and instead guided him to his the table, where he lay flat. Any resistance from Stephanie was now thoroughly broken as well and she hiked up her shirt, revealing a pair of massive DD tits that flopped out. Smiling she lowered one of her nipples to James mouth and he began sucking.

Each time he sucked more and more of the virus entered his system, his body rearranging itself and his, now her tits, expanding outwards to match her girlfriends. Jamie could feel the virus working on her mind too, stripping away her male identity, filling her mind with thoughts of titties, pussy licking, and converting other people. The last thought James had before his mind was swallowed by Jamie was that there were worse fates, being a perpetually horny bimbo surrounded by other bimbos.

With that thought Jamie was complete, and the three bimbo’s giggled to each other and tore their clothes off, eager to get off, and soon, to spread the bimbo virus to the rest of mankind.


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