Finding Joy

I woke up to the sound of moans coming from the other room, when I entered I was shocked to find two women in the middle of passionate lesbian sex. This wouldn’t be unusual except this was the room belonging to my very male best friend, and we where in the middle of hiding from the Bimbo virus.

“Mmm, hey there big boy,” one of the girls said with a smile at me and gestured for me to join them, we had been on the run for so long it was almost tempting.

I couldn’t hide my erection, I knew what would happen but I honestly no longer cared. Right now I just wanted to fuck these hot girls.

I laid down on the bed as one of them positioned her pussy over my mouth and I started licking at it while my transformed friend rode my cock. It felt so good that I didn’t even care as my body started to change.

As I experienced my last male orgasm, I let out a moan as my friend slid off me and started rubbing my pussy.

Soon we’d go find more men to fuck, but for now all I wanted to focus on was the hot little pussy in front of me.


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