A Cruel Twist of Fate

I couldn’t believe this had happened to me of all people…

Yesterday I was the head of a lab tasked with studying the bimbo virus and developing a cure. While I was out though, I got jumped by bimbos who fucked me silly. I knew I had to get to the serum we had developed that would stop the virus, as long as I wasn’t transformed first.

But as I walked, the virus had already started attacking my body. This was different, some sort of new mutation that worked faster. Before I could reach my car, I had become a blonde bimbo.

That’s when I was grabbed and taken to my old lab, protesting the whole way that I wasn’t a bimbo. There I got strapped to the table and a ball gag put in my mouth, the method for restraining more, rambunctious bimbos.

I couldn’t warn them about the mutation, the thoughts where already slipping from my mind. The serum wasn’t going to work anymore, and I no longer cared.

All I could think of was the first man who would be coming in and fucking my pussy.


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