Bimbo Apocalypse – Chapter 3: Escape

November 18, 2015
Lara was looking for men. She had already fucked everyone in her old house since the beginning of her existence two weeks ago and spent the remaining time finding the exit. Now as the first Bimbo to escape what would later be known as the House of Cum she could fuck the most! Lara heard something. “How are you doin’ Bro?” “Not so well. Since Cindy left me my whole life is basically crap.” “I know what you need Bro!” “And that would be?” “A prostitute!” “I guess you’re right. But where do I find a woman who would fuck me?” Lara overheard those words. As she was the first bimbo to be infected by the ancient one she was also the one with the highest intellect. A new bimbo would always be 1.5 times as dumb as the bimbo who infected her. So Lara was supreme. She went to the two men. “Look at that. A cum-covered bitch. How much do you take for your ‘services’?” The less depressed one asked her. “Take me!” Lara screamed at the man who jumped to the side. “Dude she is covered in cum. I won’t fuck her.” “Oh you’ll do. Just look at her. She wants it.” “She has cum on her breasts and face!” “And those breasts are big aren’t they?” “They kinda are.” “Ok. Let’s take her to your place put her under the shower and give her clothes. Then we’ll see what happens.” “Deal.” Lara could just rape the two of them. But she knew that she wouldn’t be able to survive much longer without food. Food. A genetic flaw. Lara was supreme but instead of just cum like the Ancient One and the other bimbos she needed food and cum. She thought that that flaw might be the result of her high intellect. So she went with the two men and planned her next steps.


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