Nothing is as simple as it looks – Part 3

The original written by kimkat

Part 2 written by awruk88


I knew that James had obsessed over Amy ever since he had laid his eyes on her. More than once I´ve told him to man up and ask her out, and every time he make up a lame excuse not to.
She´s beautiful, no doubt about that, some would even consider Amy to be out of his league. But you never know until you´ve tried, right?

Last night James came up to me and proposed a plan to make him visible to Amy. I guess he noticed my reluctance when he proposed that I would break in to where she and her roomate live and steal something of value, which he in return could “find” and give back to her.
To ease my concience he offered me a thousand bucks, which made the decision so much easier. We had a deal.

It took a couple of days to map out the perfect time to break in to their place. It had to be a moonless night and both of them had to be somewhere else.
I was in luck because this night I saw both of them dress up and leave. This was my opportunity.

With outmost care I managed to picklock the door and enter into the hallway. I had already figured out that I should search in Amy´s room for something valueable.

The door creaked open omniously. I found a way over to the window in the darkness and closed the blinds. Now I could turn on the light without any fear of being caught.

The interior of her room caught me by suprise. A large part of a wall was filled with all kinds of bottles, where the contents could have created a colorful rainbow if someone poured them out. It looked kinda amazing really. This girl had a knack for home decorating.
A quick glance at her work desk revealed that she worked hard. Papers and books filled every inch of the surface. Some of them looked really old, like old tomes.
But those were just books and the stuff on the wall was just bottles with fluids. Nothing that really seemed to be worth anything.
My search continued.

I saw something dark on the couch which reminded me something about Amy. You could quite often see her walking around in black clothing. For my own enjoyment I picked it up to have a look at it.
“Heh. A pair of yoga pants”, I said to myself. Amy looked banging in those.
I weighed them in my hands and began to contemplate something. I wondered how it felt to wear them.

My own clothes was removed with outmost haste but when putting on her yoga pants I did it both carefully and purposefully. I could feel how my heart was beating harder in excitement.

“Whoa”, I whispered. They felt better than I ever could have imagined. They followed the outline of my lower body perfectly in a snug fit, which felt that it became even more snug for every second that passed.

There was a pressure over my hips and I could see how they was growing outwards. I didn´t freak out or anything, I accepted the changes and I felt curious how it would look like when done.
My thighs changed too, becoming thicker, and my calves got thinner on the other hand.
I was mesmerized by what was happening.

Even my feet got smaller and an idea formed in my mind. What if I found a pair of her shoes and put on?
Her wardrobe was a virtual cornucopia of clothes and shoes, but I didn´t hesitate when I found a pair of black shoes with an heel on them.
It felt like I got a whole new vantage point with those 4″ heels.

I felt a chill move up my spine and then spread through my my upper body. It felt pleasureable, like when you´ve had a good night´s sleep and just woke up.
Especially my tummy felt nice and I could with the same fascination as when my legs changed observe how my waist caved in and how my belly got completely flat and taut.
A distinct tingling situated itself over my chest and I saw a pair of breasts poke out of my sweater, much to my enjoyment. “Hello girls”, I whispered.

“Hello there yourself. Is it James or is it someone else as usual?”
The voice caught me by suprise.
At the same time my blonde hair cascaded down my shoulders I looked up at the entrance to Amy´s room and saw Amy standing in the doorpost with three other girls standing next to her.
“I…I…I…”, I stammered.
“…looks great”, Amy chimed in.
“You really think so? Thanks!”. Somehow her kind words made me happy.

It didn´t take long time feel as one of the girls. Amy introduced us to each other. The redhead was her roommate named Emily. I knew that already when I had spied on them earlier on. God I felt stupid now!
Her two other friends was a dazzling brunette named Kim and the other was a really cute blonde named Marti.
“What´s your name?”, they asked.
“Um, Peter. But I don´t really feel like one now”, I said hesistantly.
“You´re right. You look more like a Petrea”, Emily chirped in.
When she said it it felt so right.

“Pose for me”, Amy instructed and I struck a sensual pose that would show off my best assets when she flashed a photo of me.
“Perfect! There is no way James can be dissappointed by that picture”, Amy said and winked at me, then she turned to the rest of the group. “What do you girls think of a ladies night in here?”
Of course we were eager to have one.

I learned that the other girls, except for Amy, had been guys too and each and one of them knew James personally. For a second I wondered why I hadn´t met them before but I didn´t really care now anyway.
We hit it off tremendously, the chemistry betwen us was so finely tuned that outside people would have thought we had been close friends for years.
We ate good food, drank good wine and we discussed womanhood in detail with each other. I learned much that evening. It helped that both Kim and Marti had joined the female ranks not long before me and was able to give me helpful pointers along the way.

I had a feeling that I would love this life and we agreed upon that we naturally should expand our circle of friends if the opportunity ever arised.


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