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loosing the duel

I knew i should never have join this magic douel contest. As a newbe, i should have known i would have no chance against more experimented warlock. But my wife insisted so much, i sign in. Naivly i thougt it will be well organised duel with honor and else but the reality was way different from what i expected. Once we are assigned a target, all was allowed to take it down. That’s what i discovered in the rough way, when my target break into my house. Read more

Read the disclaimer

His roomate gone for the day, Mike was enjoying his favorite hentai website, searching for a very specific kind of video. Even if he found a bunch of catgirl getting fucked, nothing seems to satisfy him. At the end of the result the website proposed him an option he never saw before.
“Submit yourself” that’s how it was called. Taking this as a suggestion option, he clicked on the button. A disclamer appeard but, that kind of thing usually bothering me, he passed it and accept it. He saw an upload bar progressing and wonder why he haven’t been ask anything of what he wanted.
Suddenly a bright light blinded him and, in a flash, he was gone, leaving just his clothes behind him on his computer chair.
When Mike open his eyes he was in a new room. Feeling a weird weight in his chest he look down and saw two gigantic breasts. Seeing himself in a nearby mirror, he realised he was now a busty redhead catgirl, exactly the kind of girl he have search so long on the internet. He was trying to compose with what’s going on when he heard a “ding” sound effect and suddenly felt someone behind him. A man took his wrist in each hands and pulled them behind him. He didn’t have much time to try to release himself before he felt something entering a part of his body he never felt before. Paralysed by the powerful sensations of his new body, he couldn’t do nothing but being fucked like the catgirl he wanted to see previoulsy. That’s when he realise he was leaving his wanted video, but as the main character. After ten minutes, the man released his seed in Mike pussy, leaving him fall on the florr in a mixture of extasy and shame. Without some time to rest a flash appeard and he went back in time, sitting like he were 10 minutes ago, his body still intact.
There was another ring was heard and the man take him again and Mike could do nothing against it.
He was still fucking when he heard another sound effect ring and it was like his body have duplicated but with the same mind. With some gap of time he was living the same scene but felt the two at once. Mike’s mind was in a mess, he cannot cope with the new feelings of his female body and didn’t understand what’s happening to him. As he began to give in, he moaned in pleasure and fill his role in the scene.
Mike should have read the disclaimer where all was explained. By acepting to submit himself, he accepted to let the website use him to create the exact video he wanted to see. It was usually used by some user to live their fantasy and all they needed to do to exit it was to say the right password. But Mike skip tat part and have no idea how to pull himself out of his own fantasy.
Stuck as a catgirl, he were fucked in loop. Each sound effect was a view of a user palying the video and Mike was living his sex scene every time it was played. And since he didn’t know how to end it, it was very likely he will be stuck as Mikki the sexy catgirl for a long time.

prove it

Yeah the medalion is actually working! Said Julian by chat to his friend Martin. I’m now a perfect copy of my sister for the day.
Martin answer to him that he was sceptic and wanted a proof that it was not a prank played by him and his sister.
Julian goes just by a quick, “well, do you think Amanda could do that?” and then he move back from his computer and pull up his top, realeasing his massive breast. Martin was mesmerised by this view and by the fact that his plan had worked so well. Read more

not meant to be a couple

“i love you” suddenly said Julian’s roomate, George, after entering his room with a serious face. He always knew his roomate was gay, but he never thought he could feel something for him. After a very embarassing moment when he try to explain i wasn’t gay himself and just wanted to be friend, George closed the door to return to his own room. Both of us knew nothing would be the same anymore.
Any of us knew that, at the same moment, they made a wish which was about to be realised. When Julian wished that his roomate wasn’t attracted to him anymore to live as normal friend again, George wished that Julian would love men like him to be together.
Without them noticing it, reality change to match their wish.
An hour later, George came back to his roomate bedroom and saw Julie, waiting for him in all her sexiest lingerie. She took a sexy pose and invited him to joind her. Julie always have found her roomate cute. Even if it was convenient to be around a man who don’t wanted to be in her panties every time, she have developped a sort of attraction for him.
But George wasn’t into girls and he tell Julie it was useles to try to seduce him.
Definitly they weren’t made to be with each other as a couple.


“I break up with you Julian” She said to me all of a sudden. I was devastated, i wanted to try to convince her to not do it but i stangely can’t talk … or even move at all. I stayed here, perfectly still, contrasting with the panic i had inside. ” I’m sure you’re wondering why you can’t move. That’s because i have an history with ex-boyfriend who can’t let me go. So i decided to get rid of you more permanently.” She said while she was undressing me. She pushed me on the bed to make this more convinient for her.
When i was completly naked, she put a small pills in my mouth and make me shallow it. A tingling sensation invade my body and i felt it changing. She move me to make me into a sitting position on the bed, letting me have a look in the mirror and witness what’s happening to me.
What i saw wasn’t me already, just a really androgyne version of myslef. The change continue quickly, making me shrink further and reagusting the mass in my body. A few more minutes later, all was left of me was a cute japanese girl with long dark hair. I could have scream in panic but i was still perfectly inanimate.
“You turn out really pretty, your buyer will be very pleased when he will see you.” Said my now ex-girlfriend with a satisfied smile. “oh yes, let me explain. I sell you to a very rich japanese guy. Don’t worry, i made sure he was a nice guy before selling you to him. I’m not a monster and don’t want you to end up as a prostitute or something like that. With him, you will have the opportunity to have kids like you wanted with me and have a real nice life. This way, there is no risk you come to me to be with me again. It’s a win win situation no?” Julian wanted to answer how he wasn’t approving all this but stay in his neutral expression.
She passed a phone call and a few minute later, three guys enter the room and began to take Julian. They adjusted his body to make him enter a box. Julian tried with all his will, to move or say something but all he maneged to do was opening his mouth and slithly move his eye and eyebrows. From the bottom of the box, Julian could see his girlfriend making a last look to her former boyfriend. “Good luck in your new life. I wish you all the best for your future Julian. By the way, its the last time anyone call you like that. Next time you will be an Hitomi or Asami. The buyer don’t tell me your new name. Anyway, bye, it was nice to know you cute japanese girl”
And with that they closed the box, leaving the poor new girl in the dark, waiting to be delivered in her new life.

Magic duel

You are so cute Julian. You really though you can challenge me in a magic duel and actually win? That’s cute, really. But not as cute as you are now. What do you feel now, being a fox girl in heat and beeing fucked by your own cock moving magically by itself? Nothing over than moans? Okay, it’s clear your mind is too ccupied dealing with the urges of your new body and there is no need to talk to you anymore. So i will let you enjoy this while you have still magic power in you for me to transfer. And then you will climax. And don’t worry, you will not stay as a fox girl. It could be strange for everyone to see that. No, you will become just an ordinary girl … or female fox. I don’t no. Magic could be so unepredictable these days. But we will be fixed soon. In any case, you will have no magic left in you to ever practice again or regain your former self. That’s the price of wanting to challenge me. Oh It seem you haven’t any magic left. Yes Julian enjoy your first female orgasm it wont be the last, and thanks for the magic power. Read more

New year

It was new year’s eve and i was out in a club with some friends. While dancing i was looking at the potential girls to hit on. I was determined to make some changes this year and to end in bed with a girl tonight. My eyes finally catch the sight of a really sexy girl in a grey coktail dress holding a bottle of champagne dancing. I took a deep breath and leave my friends to take my chances with her. I went close to her and began dancing with her. She was giving me some amused look and i thought it was it was a good sigh for me. Then she took my hand and give me her bottle to drink. “It seem you want to have sex tonight” she tell me with a smile putting the tip of the bottl in my mouth and making me drink the champagne. I felt sudenly very warm and cannot help myself to continue drinking.
” Sadly for you, i’m not interested, but i’m sure plently of boys will be interested in you after you finish drinking” . When i stopped drinking and felt really different. A quick look down confirmed me i wasn’t a man anymore but a really sexy brunette in a revealing black dress. The girl disapear from my side after wishing me luck for the new year and letting me the bottle. But strangely i didn’t care about her or what had happen to me. Even if i was a guy a minute ago, it was like i was finally my true self. All matters to me now was the look of one of my friend looking at me with lust in his eye. And that was making me wet already. I felt sexy and confident, a feeling i rarely experiences, and it was really plesant. I put the tip of the bottle in my mouth again and, while looking at him, mimed a blowjob with the bottle. Then i passed it between my two new perfectly formed breasts. With a smile, i wink at him making a little sign with my finger to come over.
I haven’t really plan this kind of end for this evening but the girl was right, i will have no problem to have sex tonight.
This year will definitly be interesting.

The witch revenge

“Sorry Julian, i had to do this if i want a human life again. You will have to get use to be a female cat from now on” Said the young girl to her cat. But a few hours earlier, this girl was a man nammed Julian who had pick up a cat in the street. He doesn’t know this cat used to be a witch who have been punished by her pairs. It’s been a year she had gathered enough magic energy to find an escape to her cat life. When she had enough of it she swapped bodies with Julian. It was stange for him to have his body stolen and suddenly be a female cat. He watch helplessly as the witch altered his old body to make her more like her former self with slender teen body, long borwn hair with green end and perky breasts. He meowed in disbelief seeing the witch very satisfied with her handywork.
“It’s much better, i haven’t enough energy to take my revenge now but, in a few months, it will be an other story. Meanwhile, i will enjoy my new life as… what was your name again? Ah yes, Julian… so … why not Julie. With that, my traitors of sisters will never found me before i take them down.”
Julian couldn’t believe what had happen to him. He have to do something, but he was helpless in that cat body. He already felt he was in heat, and smell all the pheromone the male cats outside. He looked in anger at the witch who have stolen his life with intensity.
“There is no need to look at me like that, Julian. Or should i say Kitty? I’m sure you will be very happy as a cat, no mor human worries and i’m sur you will like being fucked by other cat. What that glowing, oh no! don’t tell me….” Read more

a tragic mistake

“Oh my god! What happening? Where am i?” Though Julian after he had perform the spell to possess his girlfriend body an end up being fucked by some random guy. He had no idea his very shy girlfriend had an history of cheating on her very naive and not so good boyfriend. A fact, Julian just discovered when he possessed her during a business trip just because he missed her. Now in full controll of her body he could discover all the pleasures a woman body can provide during sex. He also realised the reactions of her body wasn’t as extrem as when he was making love with her. Making him realised how bad he was at sex, and why his girlfriend wanted to see other guys to provide her the pleasure her body needed.
Bur Julian had other priorities. If he couldn’t say the counter spell to return in his body before he climax in hers, the consequences will be catastrophic for both him and his girlfriend. He tried to focus and began chanting the spell, but his words quickly became moans of pleasure, making him unable to perform the counter spell. Julian tried and tried again but the man fucking his brain out make him loose his focus every time. Finally he felt a wave of pleasure threw all his body. It was too late for Julian, he felt the magic lock his mind in her body erasing his girlfriend mind. His old body was erased too, leaving just his empty clothes on his hotel bed. In a mixture of pleasure, guilt and shame he put his hand on his face as he realised he had permanently replaced his girlfriend and will be called Chloe for the rest of his life.
The man continue to fuck the girl, not realising she was crying in her hands.

In an instant

As my roomate raise his wand again, i knew it was over for me. It was useless to try something at this point. My hands still on my giant breast, i watch him began receiting his most likly, final spell. He already have turned my body completly into this asian bimbo and i was sure of what will happen with his next spell. All that remain of the male me in this gorgeous body, is my mind so it’s pretty clear he will wipe and replace it by a more obedient one.
All was like in slow motion, that give me time to think of what i do for deserving that. I know i was a shitty roomate but turning me into his busty sex-slave, it was a little bit too much for not doing dishies or housework. But it was time for me to accept the fact that i will disappear soon and be replace by this girl. But maybe i can try to beg a last time, maybe he will stop if i promise him to do whatever he want. Yes! i will do that! Read more