loosing the duel

I knew i should never have join this magic douel contest. As a newbe, i should have known i would have no chance against more experimented warlock. But my wife insisted so much, i sign in. Naivly i thougt it will be well organised duel with honor and else but the reality was way different from what i expected. Once we are assigned a target, all was allowed to take it down. That’s what i discovered in the rough way, when my target break into my house.

He didn’t gave me the time to realise what’s happening. In a second i was shot by a spell and paralised in the middle of my living room. My wife entered just after that, yelling at the intruder. A spell was shot at her as well. She calmed down and seductivly came to the sranger. He looked at me as i helplessly looked my wife kissing him like i wasn’t here. She spread her legs and began to fuck her on the couch. I could move a muscle and i was so focused on what they doing i didn’t noticed what’s happening to my own body. I was drasticly shrinking, losing mass and gaining new curves. When my wife yelled in pleasure as she came, i was just a tiny blond girl, still paralysed. As my enemy looked at me with satisfaction, he cast a new spell on my wife. In a second, it seem she was liquefy and sucked in his cock, making it even bigger. Then he walked to me and, with a quick gesture, release me from the paralysing spell. I fell on the floor, my new body felt alien to me and it seem i have lose all my strengh. He took me in his arms and, while he walk to the bedroom, i beg for him to change back my wife. He didn’t answer and drop me on the bed. Then he gave me an evil smile before penetrating me with his, now enhanced with my wife, penis. While he fucked me, i feel him stripping me off all my magic. I knew i would never be able to reverse what he have done myself. My only hope was if he was kinf enough to change us back before leaving the house. Those tiny hope shattered when he came in me, feeling at the same time his semmen filling me and my first female orgasm. He pulled out and began to dress himself back. I manage to beg for him to change us back again but all i had as an answer was the explanation of what he have done to us.

He explained he have changer my wife into semmen and impregnate me with it. So, basicaly, if i wanted to see my wife again, it will be as my child. She will have the same mind even before she was born. I couldn’t imagine what it will be like for her to live inside my womb for nine month. But that also mean i was stuck as a girl for at least all my pregnancy. With that, he wish me luck for the future and leave me alone in the house. I stayed naked on my bed for hours, after that, trying to manage the idea i was now a girl and pregnant of my wife.

I continue my life as i can and the warlock came again to my house a few time. Everytime i could’nt resist him and he fucked me before leaving me again. That became quickly a routine and i was more and more impatient to see him again. I was soon addicted to sex as a woman.

After three month of a daily fucking, he finally stop to come over. From what i heard, i loose a duel and was now a frog croaking at a pound. The feeling of revenge fro what he hav done to us was suprisibly less powerful than the need i had for his cock. And after giving birth to my wife, i didn’t tried to change me back to a man and started seeing men for one night fuck. But it wasn’t the same and i knew i will be never satisfied without him, that was my curse for loosing this duel.


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