Magic duel

You are so cute Julian. You really though you can challenge me in a magic duel and actually win? That’s cute, really. But not as cute as you are now. What do you feel now, being a fox girl in heat and beeing fucked by your own cock moving magically by itself? Nothing over than moans? Okay, it’s clear your mind is too ccupied dealing with the urges of your new body and there is no need to talk to you anymore. So i will let you enjoy this while you have still magic power in you for me to transfer. And then you will climax. And don’t worry, you will not stay as a fox girl. It could be strange for everyone to see that. No, you will become just an ordinary girl … or female fox. I don’t no. Magic could be so unepredictable these days. But we will be fixed soon. In any case, you will have no magic left in you to ever practice again or regain your former self. That’s the price of wanting to challenge me. Oh It seem you haven’t any magic left. Yes Julian enjoy your first female orgasm it wont be the last, and thanks for the magic power.

Oh! What a surprise, it turned out you tend more on the fox side than girl. You were cute as a girl but i definitly find you cuter a little female fox. Don’t worry i will teleport you in the forest were you now belong. Don’t look at me like that, you had your shot at being human but you wasted it with too much pride. If it can confort you, i will remeber you every time i use you old cock as a dildo. Good luck little fox.


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