“I break up with you Julian” She said to me all of a sudden. I was devastated, i wanted to try to convince her to not do it but i stangely can’t talk … or even move at all. I stayed here, perfectly still, contrasting with the panic i had inside. ” I’m sure you’re wondering why you can’t move. That’s because i have an history with ex-boyfriend who can’t let me go. So i decided to get rid of you more permanently.” She said while she was undressing me. She pushed me on the bed to make this more convinient for her.
When i was completly naked, she put a small pills in my mouth and make me shallow it. A tingling sensation invade my body and i felt it changing. She move me to make me into a sitting position on the bed, letting me have a look in the mirror and witness what’s happening to me.
What i saw wasn’t me already, just a really androgyne version of myslef. The change continue quickly, making me shrink further and reagusting the mass in my body. A few more minutes later, all was left of me was a cute japanese girl with long dark hair. I could have scream in panic but i was still perfectly inanimate.
“You turn out really pretty, your buyer will be very pleased when he will see you.” Said my now ex-girlfriend with a satisfied smile. “oh yes, let me explain. I sell you to a very rich japanese guy. Don’t worry, i made sure he was a nice guy before selling you to him. I’m not a monster and don’t want you to end up as a prostitute or something like that. With him, you will have the opportunity to have kids like you wanted with me and have a real nice life. This way, there is no risk you come to me to be with me again. It’s a win win situation no?” Julian wanted to answer how he wasn’t approving all this but stay in his neutral expression.
She passed a phone call and a few minute later, three guys enter the room and began to take Julian. They adjusted his body to make him enter a box. Julian tried with all his will, to move or say something but all he maneged to do was opening his mouth and slithly move his eye and eyebrows. From the bottom of the box, Julian could see his girlfriend making a last look to her former boyfriend. “Good luck in your new life. I wish you all the best for your future Julian. By the way, its the last time anyone call you like that. Next time you will be an Hitomi or Asami. The buyer don’t tell me your new name. Anyway, bye, it was nice to know you cute japanese girl”
And with that they closed the box, leaving the poor new girl in the dark, waiting to be delivered in her new life.


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