In an instant

As my roomate raise his wand again, i knew it was over for me. It was useless to try something at this point. My hands still on my giant breast, i watch him began receiting his most likly, final spell. He already have turned my body completly into this asian bimbo and i was sure of what will happen with his next spell. All that remain of the male me in this gorgeous body, is my mind so it’s pretty clear he will wipe and replace it by a more obedient one.
All was like in slow motion, that give me time to think of what i do for deserving that. I know i was a shitty roomate but turning me into his busty sex-slave, it was a little bit too much for not doing dishies or housework. But it was time for me to accept the fact that i will disappear soon and be replace by this girl. But maybe i can try to beg a last time, maybe he will stop if i promise him to do whatever he want. Yes! i will do that!

– Please no!!! I will do anything you want but don’t touch my mind.

He looked at me with a devilish smile

– Oh i know you will.

And with that he finish he finished his spell. And suddenly, i look at my roomate and he was really hot. Maybe it could be good after all.


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