prove it

Yeah the medalion is actually working! Said Julian by chat to his friend Martin. I’m now a perfect copy of my sister for the day.
Martin answer to him that he was sceptic and wanted a proof that it was not a prank played by him and his sister.
Julian goes just by a quick, “well, do you think Amanda could do that?” and then he move back from his computer and pull up his top, realeasing his massive breast. Martin was mesmerised by this view and by the fact that his plan had worked so well.

It was him who have set up Julian whith the medaillion and suggest him to turn into his sister Amanda. He lwas had a cruch and her and, since she always rejected him, he found this solution to make another one. It could only work with siblings so he decide to use his friend. Now Julian willingly show him his breast he prove that he medialion was working. Now all he had to do was to run to his house and tear appart the mediallion from his friend neck. That would lock Julian in his form and Martin would have all power over him. And he was planning to use this power to rewrite reality making him Julian the twin sister of Amanda and Martin’s girfriend.

While Martin was runing outside to complete his plan. Julian was wondering why his friend wasn’t answering anymore. He finally cut his computer and, curious about his body, began to undress to enjoy his sister body for the time he had it. He was naked and in the middle of a masturbating session when Martin enter the room. It was simple to take the medalion form Julian’s neck but he didn’t have to use his new power to make him kiss Martin. Julian was totally addicted by his new feelings made by his sister body. When he saw his friend, he needed more, he needed a man. Martin was surprised to see him jump onto him pulling out his already erected cock.

After a night of sex, Julian asked if there was a way to make him stay like this for good. MArtin was more than happy to use his power to make her wish come true, and without wipping his friend mind since he was more than happy to become his girlfriend. Now Julia for good, touch her big breasts, thinking it was showing thm to his now boyfriend Martin, that make his life changing so much.

Martin on the other hand, couldn’t believe his luck while huging his new girlfriend in his arm. Looking at her touching her boobs make him hard again. Something that didn’t went unoticed by Julia.


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