The witch revenge

“Sorry Julian, i had to do this if i want a human life again. You will have to get use to be a female cat from now on” Said the young girl to her cat. But a few hours earlier, this girl was a man nammed Julian who had pick up a cat in the street. He doesn’t know this cat used to be a witch who have been punished by her pairs. It’s been a year she had gathered enough magic energy to find an escape to her cat life. When she had enough of it she swapped bodies with Julian. It was stange for him to have his body stolen and suddenly be a female cat. He watch helplessly as the witch altered his old body to make her more like her former self with slender teen body, long borwn hair with green end and perky breasts. He meowed in disbelief seeing the witch very satisfied with her handywork.
“It’s much better, i haven’t enough energy to take my revenge now but, in a few months, it will be an other story. Meanwhile, i will enjoy my new life as… what was your name again? Ah yes, Julian… so … why not Julie. With that, my traitors of sisters will never found me before i take them down.”
Julian couldn’t believe what had happen to him. He have to do something, but he was helpless in that cat body. He already felt he was in heat, and smell all the pheromone the male cats outside. He looked in anger at the witch who have stolen his life with intensity.
“There is no need to look at me like that, Julian. Or should i say Kitty? I’m sure you will be very happy as a cat, no mor human worries and i’m sur you will like being fucked by other cat. What that glowing, oh no! don’t tell me….”


“wah! I’m back in my body? Or what rest of it…”Said Julian from his now female body. Both haven’t planned some magic had remain in the cat body and with his strong anger feeling, Julian used it to swap back into his old flesh. The witch was again, stuck in her cat body, without any magic left to change that. All this year of gathering for nothing.

Julian as happy as he was to be human again wondered how he could be back to his old self. He deeply wished for the both of them to return to normal and the rest of magic in his body was unvoluntary used to realise that. But not in the way he intended. The magic changed both of their mind in order to make the witch just a regular cat, making her forget all about magic and her revenge. Julian’s mind on his side, became Julie, a regular teenage girl version of himself with no recollection of her previous life. Reality was rewritten to fit the new girl life. The young girl shake her head, trying to remember what she was doing. And then, all came back to her.

“Sorry Kitty, i have no time to play with you today, i have to be prepared for my date with Mickael. I’m so late. Maybe i will take a pictures to make me forgive and let him have a little sneak peek of what awaiting him for the night.” Said Julie, taking a picture of her sexy body with her phone. Kitty leaved her master by the bathroom’s window smeling the male cat ouside. The former witch was no longer thinking about her revenge as she matted all night and was unable to do any other harm to anyone. At the end, the witch’s action have done some good. Julian was way much happier as a sexy teenage girl than as his previous self. Even if she had no idea she was a man before.


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