A chemical explosion at the laboratory had caused Melodie and her co-worker Cameron to swap bodies. At first they’d been shocked, but until this mess got sorted out by the lab techs, they’d agreed to share an apartment and learn to live as each other. But they slept in separate beds and had no intimate relations. She wasn’t into women, and he wasn’t into men.

As a week went by, Melodie started to notice certain mental aberrations. First, Cameron started loving to do housework; then he began to wear skimpier clothing; he even started flirting with her. Melodie also couldn’t help becoming more and more horny and attracted to her former body’s alluring feminine smell. Maybe it was pheromones or something. She also found herself becoming distracted by the penis between her legs (which had been a topic she’d been trying to avoid).

“Um, Cam?” Melodie asked, staring at her co-worker squatting there cleaning the kitchen and wiggling his shapely hips. “What’s up, Mel?” Cameron asked, still wiping and wiggling.

“Um…this is a little awkward,” Melodie said. “My…I mean, your penis is swelling up. I think I’m getting a boner,” she said, touching her pants. Cameron set the wet washcloth down and turned around with a smile. “Want me to take care of it, big guy?” he said coyly, licking his lips.

“What—you mean—when did you—” Melodie said in astonishment as Cameron started crawling toward her on hands and knees. Melodie’s cock bulged even bigger.

“I’ve been hot and bothered for three days straight, silly,” said Cameron, unzipping Melodie’s pants. “I see that it’s happening to you too. Let’s have a little fun, shall we?” Melodie could only nod as her cock sprang free.


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