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A Pleasure Being Robbed

I didn’t take protecting my inheritance very seriously. Given that it was mostly ugly costume jewelry from my grandmother, I was working out how to sell it without losing access to the actual cash. She had assured me that even “a lazy boy like you” would profit from what she would leave me. Read more

Just an Appetizer

My roommate said he’d turn me back after some pictures. I didn’t have much choice, being transformed into a woman by this weird statue he bought at the flea market. So I showed off my new tits and let him tie me up and he took some pictures. Read more


A chemical explosion at the laboratory had caused Melodie and her co-worker Cameron to swap bodies. At first they’d been shocked, but until this mess got sorted out by the lab techs, they’d agreed to share an apartment and learn to live as each other. But they slept in separate beds and had no intimate relations. She wasn’t into women, and he wasn’t into men. Read more

Respect your Privacy

Look, i get that you want to get laid. I get that you somehow figured out how to put my mind in the body of your perverted wetdream. I get that you can do things to my mind that has me aching to jump your bones at the very mention of your name. But you forgot that your dream girl is at least a foot taller than you. So put the panties down and come to bed before i kick your ass.