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Lab Spill

That’s me. It’s crazy, it’s absurd but that really is me. It’s been two months now but I still can’t believe it. I’m a woman. I have breasts, I have a vagina, I am a fully functional woman. Read more

TG Business

I never really saw myself as an entrepreneur. I just felt I was a budding scientist. My passion was always genetic remodelling. When searching for a cure to combat a vicious disease I found something quite interesting. By accident I had stumbled upon a way to instantly change a person’s gender. I told absolutely no one and for the first time the lure of financial gains tempted me. Read more


Trinity looked at one of the reports she had to catalog, it was about one of her friends. She smiled thinking back to three months ago when another report about the same friend came across her desk, though at the time, the report scared her. Read more

Fit to be a Women

Marissa Hills, a personnel analysis for Diluculo Lapsum LLC’s North American division, was having mixed feeling about what she had done. Three months ago one of her old roommates from college, back when she was a man, applied for a position and she had given him a glowing review. Her friend, a man named Hyunseung Lee, or simply John to those that could not speak Korean, and while he did qualify, the reasons John wanted the job were concerning. Read more

Do it

“I’m going to fuck you in the ass” said the man behind Trinity. Read more


This wasn’t an accident. Unlike others, we knew. We knew about the contamination in the water. We wanted to jump in it just to find out. What did it feel like to be a woman?
Step by step we went in to the pool. Every bit of our bodies the water touched made it feminine. As the water swelled above our feet our feet shrunk, hair abolished and toenails polished. As we went further in our legs became womanly and smooth. Soon there was the introduction of wide hips and a plump ass as well as two pink lips forming a vagina. Further and further until we dunked our heads under and into femininity.
We were both so excited. We couldn’t wait to learn more and buy sexy bikinis. Let’s see what’s ahead.


They were right. Ocean water really does make you feel better. It certainly makes my skin softer and makes it feel like you have more room downstairs. Oh wait, I’m a woman. Even better.

Dr Rethsteki

“Hey Jeremy”, the girl turned to face an mature woman in a lab coat. “You’re a girl now”.
The girl smiled a happy smile. Jeremy had always read TG captions and fantazized about him one day being a her. But thanks to Dr Rethsteki all is good.
Dr Rethsteki discovered a chemical procedure that can instantly transform males into females. The doctor immediately used the process on himself to make him a deliciously curvy MILF. Dr Rethsteki valued her formula and wanted to share the joy of being a woman with others.
Jeremy can now share that joy. Jeremy is now a girl who is indeed very beautiful. She has an undeniably pretty face, a slim figure and long brown hair. All of which makes Jeremy very happy. Dr Rethsteki hopes to help many other men. 😉