Name Calling Backfires

Tad crossed the line calling Lynn a cunt right in front of her friends. She got angry, and finally used her magic amulet her grandma have her! Within seconds there was a puff of smoke, and when it cleared where Tad was standing was a busty naked tattooed blonde chick, with “CUNT” tattooed across her chest above her boobs. It was Tad transformed, and as he grabbed his new boobs, he realized something was very wrong here!

Lynn smiled and said, “Well, Tess, you can’t stay naked, I think we need to get you a dress!”

Tess looked at her new body, and yelled, “A DRESS?! I’M A CHICK?! TESS?! What the heck is going on here?”

Lynn said, “What is going on here is, you’re a cunt now, and we need to get some clothes on you, before some guy gets the idea to use that cunt!”

Tess had tears as she realized she never should have called Lynn a cunt. It as too late, the spell was permanent, and she would have to get a huge bra to hold her new puppies!


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