Grant called Jerry a sucker for spending lots of cash on a stripper.

Jerry replied, “Oh yeah, who’s the sucker now? I wish you were the sucker!”

Grant didn’t know Jerry found a one wish wishing coin, but was waiting to use it. He acted on a whim with that wish, not even thinking much. Suddenly however, Grant was changed into a huge breasted blonde with her mouth around his meat pole! Jerry smiled as he got pleasure from Grant, and was mildly amused as he seen Grant’s sexy new eyes light up in shock and horror at what was transpiring.

As a result of Jerry making that wish while Grant’s friend Charlie was with him, Charlie was also turned into a sexy blonde, his mouth around the side of his Jerry’s cock! Jerry was enthused while Grant and Charlie were stunned and horrified. It turns out reality shifted too, and the only ones even remembering Grant or Charlie were those two and Jerry. To everyone else they were Greta and Carlota two busty strippers at the Wild Kitty Club downtown, the very place Grant accused Jerry of spending too much!

To make matters worse, before Grant now Greta could even pull HER new mouth away, she and the new Carlota felt a twitch, and loads of hot cum shot into Greta’s mouth and down her throat giving her the very first taste of things to cum! After all the coin was only good for one wish, they were stuck with this new reality and all it entailed. Speaking of tail, they were now both hot pieces of tail to Jerry and his buddies also their former buddies, Jeff, Ted, and Brad.


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