Learning the Ropes

As Kelli got ready for his after school tutoring, he couldn’t help but think about what he learned in history earlier that day and imagine what life must have been like before the Confederate Brotherhood liberated the western half of the country from the Federal Matriarchy. Men and women, who apparently looked like him but with something else between their legs, lived together, but apparently a group of women wanted to enslave the men and the Confederate Brotherhood formed to save the men by calling for a truce and dividing up the country between the two of them. The Brotherhood found a way to artificially create eggs so they could procreate, but only Y chromosomes were ever successful, which is why there are only males in the and why society is the way it is today.
Kelli was born into the beta caste. A class of men who’s genetics are tailored to be as feminine as possible. While alphas are physically and are expected to work long hours doing physical labor and running the country, betas are tasked with relieving the stress that the alphas’ daily life causes. Betas are generally the ones who cook, clean, and look after the children. Most betas look to find an alpha to hire them, where they will cook, clean, and pleasure their alpha for a weekly stipend. These betas are known as house betas and it’s not uncommon for an alpha to have more than one if they can afford it.
Kelli’s father, Patricia, is one of an elite class of betas. Early on in life, he found favor with a very influential business man who liked flaunting his beautiful beta in front of all his peers. This resulted higher and higher bids for his services, allowing him to rack up quite a fortune in personal wealth, a rare thing for a beta, which is why Patricia can afford his own condo.
Today is a special day for Kelli as he will be pleasuring his first official client. Of course this is at a discounted rate as he is still an apprentice courtesan, and his father will be there to supervise. Kelli was both excited and nervous. Excited about following in his father’s footsteps, and nervous about testing his skills on the real thing.
Kelli sat on the bed as his father got the client hard. Once it was his turn, Kelli realized he forgot to bring a hair tie, a rookie mistake he knew, and just looked at his dad for help. Patricia just sighed and reached over to hold back his son’s hair. Patricia knew Kelli’s technique was good by the look on the client’s face. Despite the little mistakes, Patricia couldn’t help but beam proudly. His son still had a ways to go, but he was definitely learning the ropes.


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