Fix That

What was that drink you gave me?” I asked my girlfriend as I started to feel dizzy, my face flushed as heat flowed through my whole body.
Well, you see, I really like you, personality-wise. But body-wise…well not so much. So that drink is going to fix that,” she said before she winked at me, and I finally blacked out.

When I woke up I felt cold. There must be a window open somewhere because I could feel a chill breeze across my skin. Somehow I had wound up naked. I moved to sit up, but something felt different. No, everything felt different. When I finally got up and looked down at my body, I realized what it was. I was a woman, and not just any woman, I was a thick woman. My breasts were huge, my belly pudgy, and my ass was enormous! I don’t know where the underwear around my bottom came from, and I stood up and tried to pull it down my wide hips, struggling before I finally removed it and got a better look at my new plumbing. I had a piercing down there too! I know my girlfriend liked those things on her, but I didn’t know she wanted them on me!

Then again, I didn’t know she wanted a pair of tits on me either.

“Babe, you’re awake!” she shouted as she walked into the room, also nude. She ran over to me and started to walk around me, inspecting my new body. “A bit thicker than I would have wanted, but I had no control over that. I made you a woman, your genes gave you these curves.” She slapped my ass and I flinched, but I kinda liked it. She was still my girlfriend, after all, and I still loved her. The only change there was that now I was a lesbian, and so what?

I took her hand as she made another pass around me and pulled her close to me. The warmth of her body felt so good against my newfound mass, and I could tell she felt the same pleasure. I leaned down, and kissed her. She kissed me back, and one of her hands snuck up to squeeze one of my breasts.

I was going to like this new body.


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