becoming her mother pt1

I arrived at my girlfriends family house, to suprise my girlfriend Alex, who had been away for a week at a camp. i thought i would go to her house and suprise her when she walks in the door.

i rang the door bell and my girlfriends mother answered the door. “oh hey there josh, are you here to see Alex? she wont be back for a couple of hours. would you like to come in for a cup of coffee?”

“sure that sounds good” i replied

as i walked into the house i noticed that my girlfriends mother (Megan) was the only one home, i asked ” hows your day been?” “its been good so far” she replied as we walked into the kitchen.

i pulled a stool out from under the kitchen bench and sat down, as Megan made coffee. she past me the coffee and said “enjoy” with a smile on her face. “thanks” i replied, and took a big mouthful coffee. we then continued into the lounge and sat down and made small talk, when all of a sudden my girlfriends mum asked if i liked her body. and opened up her blouse. yeh i guess i replied, feeling really awkward as my girllfriends mother seemed to be coming onto me when suddenly everything went black.

when my senses started to come back, i felt my balance was off with a weight on my chest and a strange emptiness in my pants. there was a man standing opposite me, who looked like me, and thats when i realized that i was no longer me.

i looked down to see to soft mounds of flesh filling a sexy blue bra i was looking at a minute ago, i instinctivly went to go grab my cock but there was nothing there except a empty feeling between my legs.

i looked up and my girlfriends mother decided to play with her new dick and started masturbating while she explained that she had enough of been a housewife and wanted to try life again while still been connected to her family, and thought to become her daughters boyfriend. she decided to get up and walk to her new house to explore her new body properly and told me to have fun.

i was in shock, i slowly raised my arms to my chest and grabbed my new breasts, a warm sensation went through my body to my crotch, it felt weird to suddenly become a woman. i went upstyairs to her room and stripped off everything and stood in front of the mirror. there before me was a sexy brunnette with an amazing rack and amazing ass i thought. i put my hand to the beginning of the new fold between my legs and felt it moisten and send a zap of energy through my body  as i found my new clitoris.

as i lay down masturbating i realized thinking about woman wasn’t really doing it for me, suddenly a cock appeared in my mind and i felt my self get closer to having my first orgasm as a woman.

suddenly my body’s boyfriend walked in and got an instant erection appearing in his suit pants, this could be interesting i thought

to be continued


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